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Police K9 Shooting (GRAPHIC) Dog Saves Deputy

Footage of a Police Shooting and a K9 saving his ass. The K9 is deployed from his police car when the passenger of the suspects vehicle attempts to sneak up on the deputy from behind. The Deputy observes the butt of a gun the driver is trying to get out from his waistline. The passenger door creeps open from the hidden second suspect and the deputy hits his door release for his K9 partner to engage the suspect. The Deputies focus on the immediate threat saves him from being shot. The K9's focus and fearless apprehension saves both of them. Gunfire and chaos but the K9 does his job and the officer shoots the suspect as he pulls the gun from his waist. The K9 engages the second suspect just before the suspect hits the deputy with a pipe from behind. The deputy keeps a clear head after shooting the driver, commands the second suspect to drop the weapon as the K9 is punishing the second suspect. The Deputy returns to the incapacitated driver and removes the gun from his hand and tosses it away from the driver before going back and securing the second suspect. Deputy and K9 excellent work. The K9 is an IrondogK9 trained Malinois named Blu with 4 Titanium canines.
**This video is a training video of a deputy faced with a scenario and how he reacts under tremendous stress along with his K9 partner.
***The stress you felt while watching this, is the stress that our handlers, trainees, and K9's feel as they enter our world of training. Training as real as possible. The Handler is thrown into a suspected narcotics smuggling traffic stop with only one person (driver) observable. The K9 is faced with target acquisition, gunfire, deployment from the vehicle, and an all out fight with the decoy. Real Life Training to survive on the streets. The K9 does not know the difference. Train to survive!!!

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Comment by AJP on November 14, 2014 at 6:48pm
You should reconsider posting this. Its a training video, not real.


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