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Kansas City Police Chase Ends in Building Collapse

41 Action News - Raw video from a surveillance camera shows a building partially collapses after police chase ends in crash in Kansas City, MO.

The action starts at around the 0.50 mark.

A woman allegedly driving a stolen vehicle and being followed by police crashed into a building in downtown KCMO on Thursday morning, causing it to partially collapse.

A white SUV crashed into the building at 18th and Oak around 10:30 a.m.

According to Capt. Chris Sicoli, the car was reportedly stolen and was spotted by police earlier Thursday morning. Police did not pursue the vehicle at that point.

A detective later spotted the vehicle running a stop sign near 12th Street and traveling at about 80 mph, according to Capt. Sicoli. At that point, a police pursuit was authorized.

Full story at 41 Action News
(Video from security camera at Service Management Group)

Photo gallery of aftermath here:

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Comment by Robb French on November 23, 2014 at 3:04am

I'm going to guess that due to the elapsed time interval between her impacting the building and arrival of the 1st units that they had either backed off or called off the pursuit yet the perp continued on anyway breaking numerous laws.

She's lucky to survive the collapse.  If I were the building owner I think I'd sue the perp even if it ends up being only symbolic. (Why?  Because I have a neighbor who was sued by a DUI because the trees in his yard (up by the house) impeded him continuing on through my neighbor's yard to the next road over.  What's to prevent the car thief in this case from suing the building owner for the building being in the way?  BTW, the DUI jerk lost but being preemptive wouldn't hurt in this case.)


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