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Video: Officer Harless also lost temper on earlier arrest


A Canton ohio police officer OFFICER Harless  who recently had a incident with a CCW permit holder which  went viral after being released by the Ohio CCW Group is again under scrutiny after another video was released to the media showing how he reacted to another person ( minority) where he found a weapon in the vehicle!! The Incident has people calling for the resignation of the officer and the City Counsel President!!!!



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Comment by Craig on July 30, 2011 at 7:22pm
From my view of the video,  He did nothing illegal, look at the video and you can clearly see the passenger put something under the seat when the officers had their attention on something else. He called them a few choice words that I am sure they been hearing since birth. Yes it may be unprofessional  but a chance of getting fired over it is a bit harsh in my opinion. an ear beating and threats of days off with a letter in your file would be more of a equal punishment.but from the looks of it, They are going to fire him, either for this or something else they are going to dig up on who knows, for something he did 10-20 years ago. I may have missed something and didnt see the incident involving the CCW permit holder ,But this video is nothing compared to what may have happened, So it began with we can no longer mace,nightstick, or armbar anyone,then you cant taze people,,, Now we are not allowed to yell obscenities at them....what next, are we going to have to pay people to talk to them...They want to send every officer in the states to re-train them on how to treat people,,But they are allowed to spit at,assault, scream in our face and kill us and WE have to deal with it because we carry a badge,,,somethings not right here


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