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It’s not an uncommon thing for a police officer to occasionally replace a badge. Maybe the city is changing designs. Maybe it was damaged or worn out. Still, sometimes there’s a story behind the replacement that just has to be shared.

Sgt. Jason Mingura of the Clifton Police Department in Arizona had one of those stories.

On January 26th this year, he and Deputy John Mennen were involved in a shootout when they responded to two calls of domestic violence incidents.

Christopher Ingram had reportedly confronted his estranged wife, verbally fighting with her and damaging her vehicle. The officers pulled over his truck, which was when Ingram, remaining in a sitting position, aimed a handgun and Mennen’s torso and fired.

He struck Mennen in the lower left abdomen, where his armor protected him, but he was hit in the right shoulder above the armor as he turned to find cover.

Mingura then drew his own service weapon and fired at Ingram. He was struck in his left hand, lower hips, and, it turns out, right in the badge.

“I was in an officer involved shooting back in January and my badge took a .45 caliber round,” Mingura said. “The badge in my opinion saved either my life or a tremendous amount of damage to myself.”

Seeing that kind of damage and imagining how bad it could have been is definitely one of those things that can make a person really stop and think about things.

Ingram had emptied his weapon during the firefight, hitting the officers with four of the eight rounds. Both officers were found to have acted justifiably in their response and have since recovered from their injuries.

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