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I am posting this item to showcase the many different ways the citizens we public servants "serve and protect" each day see the world. So many different points of focus, who was at fault...who was following department protocol... who had the right of way. I responded to the "crowd" at the FireRescue1 posting because, as always, I feel people are being way to hostile to one an other and it appears they are blinded to the actual facts by their emotions.

Please my Sisters and Brothers here at LawofficerConnect if you would, take a look at this incident and comment on what you feel could have been done to avoid this accident in the first place.


Below is my initial comment to the groups of folks who seemed very hostile and overly ready to point fingers and apparently did not see or possibly care about the good work of the surgeons attending to the one victim who lost an arm.


ABC News Channel 7 report quote "Police say the engine collided with a tractor trailer, which sources say had the right of way. The two trucks slid into the median and hit a Jeep SUV. In all, seven people were hurt, including four firefighters".

The newly promoted Lieutenant, Fireman Ryan Emmons, had his arm severed just below the elbow as a result. I am sad to know a fellow Firefighter has been seriously injured. I am sad to know a fellow truck driver has had to be involved in such a serious and violent accident. Most of all I am deeply saddened to see all the finger pointing and negative comments over there on the FireRescue1 posting. [CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE] It seems Americans have lost the ability to care enough about each other to just get past the accusatory nonsense and be supportive of everyone.

It was a life altering event for all who were involved, from every sector. The trucker, Firefighters, Police and the poor citizen in the SUV who had a semi and fire truck thrown at him! No matter who's FAULT it was I would think everyone would focus on and appreciate the fact that no one was killed and so far it seems that the surgeons and crew at the hospital have managed a major miracle and reattached the Firefighters arm! He is resting comfortably at this time.



I will pray for the best outcome for them all!

Lieutenant Frederick Georges N.S.V.F.A./Orleans Fire and Rescue-Retired.


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Comment by Friedrich VonDeitsch on February 3, 2013 at 11:50am

The good news is it looks like Firefighter Lieutenant Emmons will have the use of his severed arm. The bad news is Police officer Lieutenant Alexander is going to have to charge fellow public servants for being responsible for the incident.

Always a tough job being in the middle of this type of stuff.


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