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The Art of What Works Builds Charisma Empire

William Duggan's, "The Art of What Works..." has become one of the guiding principles by which the Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute (Core Edge) bases its innovations. The other principles of Core Edge are: Albert Humphrey's "SWOT" analysis and Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema's, "The Discipline of Market Leaders." It is essential to take these three bodies of works collectively, if you are to build a 21st Century enterprise.

"The Art of What Works" provides the foundational… Continue

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Neeson Exudes Charisma in a Machiavellian Way

This review is from: Taken (Single-Disc Extended Edition) (DVD)

"Taken" is one of those movies for your personal library. Liam Neeson does a convincing job of demonstrating the virility and vitality of the aging Baby Boomer. He's what Jason Bourne grows up to be. Neeson's character doesn't knock you over with quick quips and a bevy of beauties. He's merely a dedicated former government agent who has learned some "tricks" of the trade. The screenwriter did an excellent job of creating… Continue

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Charisma is Founded On "Understanding Human Nature"

This review is from: Understanding Human Nature

Eminent psychologist Alfred Adler's (1870-1937), "Understanding Human Nature" is a ground- breaking book outlining the dynamics, psychology and neurosis of human nature. For me, Adler's salient point in his "Individual Psychology" is that we are all slaves to our motivations. Whatever, driving need within all of us, move us to act in fulfilling that need. Adler says,"...A change of attitude in adult life need not necessarily lead to a… Continue

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Lessons Learned for Enhancing Charisma: "The Stepfather"

This review is from: The Stepfather (DVD)

The movie "The Stepfather" is a psycho-drama where you don't need Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees to be your worst nightmare. It's the nice looking, Kurt Rusell-esque guy next door to be concerned about. In this instance, "The Stepfather" has a few things going to exemplify the weaknesses of human nature. For one, David Harris (Dylan Walsh) is invited into these homes by women who are attractive, single and operate as the primary parent. But… Continue

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Charisma & Presidential Characteristics Unseen

This review is from: Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance (Paperback)

I searched Barack Obama's, "Dreams from My Father," in hopes of finding signs forecasting his ascension to the U.S. Presidency as well as evidence pointing to his inclusion into the School of Charismatic Leadership. Interesting, I saw all evidence wanting. There were no signs as exemplified in David Maraniss', "First in His Class," a biography on President Bill Clinton's evolution to… Continue

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Charismatic Influences That Created Pop Culture

Steve Jobs (Technology). Even before Apple became a technology company, Steve Jobs was instrumental for making computers “user friendly” and sexy. Jobs’ charisma made him the first technological rock star whose impact is seen in every form from sleek and aerodynamic computers to multimedia.

Craig Venter (Science). Venter is credited for being one of the first persons to sequence the human genome. Craig Venter’s accomplishments have influenced the future of biotechnology fused with… Continue

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Are Charismatic Leaders Motivated By A Love For People?

Often, the notion of charismatic leaders having a great affinity for people is attributed to this form of leadership. However, the charismatic leader’s desire for power and control comes into question as to whether the love of people is a motivating factor. McClelland (1985), under the Leader Motive Profile, asserts that effective leaders have: A high conscious need for power, low need for affiliation and a high concern for moral use of power. Weighing these traits with charismatic leaders,… Continue

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Charisma Through Ideas

Often charisma is experiential based on the connection between the charismatic leader and followers. But, could charismatic leaders be detached from adherents and connect purely through ideas? Weisberg (2010) asserts that there is a difference between the charismatic traits of Presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush, Reagan and Obama. Clinton, Bush and Reagan were described as “relaters” in that they made visceral or deep connections with the people they came in contact with through shared experiences… Continue

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Charismatic Leadership: Loved By Some, Hated By Others

Recently, I had Brenda Neckvatal, author of a white paper on charismatic leadership, as a guest on my online radio show, Charisma live. Brenda’s research echoed much of what I had discovered about charismatic leadership and so I wanted her to elaborate further. As we discussed her findings, she was pretty candid about having some misgivings about the traits characterized by charismatic personalities; mainly, extreme narcissism, rebuking anyone who disagrees or pushes back against them, a… Continue

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Charisma: The Human Will

A client, Stan, recently asked me why I did not talk about any other topics other than “charisma” and “Charismatic leadership.” I casually asked, “What other topics would you be willing to pay for?” Stan laughed and said, “Is it about money?” I then chuckled and said, “If you had mentioned a desire to know about another subject, other than charisma, I would have referred you to someone else.” He continued with,” Would you leave an opportunity to grow your business on the table?” I said, “If the… Continue

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Charisma: A Random Experiment on Influence

Recently, I gave a seminar titled, "The Principles of Charismatic Leadership” at the 2010 Power Networking Conference held in Downtown Atlanta at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. The seminar was filled to capacity, much to my surprise. There were several other seminars going on at the same time, which made the attendance even more special. I gave an overview of the philosophy behind charisma and asked the audience, “What problems or challenges does charisma solve?” I favor the Problem Based Learning… Continue

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Please distribute to all Police, Paramedic and Fire personnel - Happy Fourth of July

Here is the email I sent to Ohio and Kentucky agencies.

Distribution: Please distribute to all Law Enforcement, Paramedic and Fire personnel

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to distribute this message. I can not express my gratitude enough for your assistance.

Sacrifice. On July 4th, we honor the sacrifice of our founding fathers who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. It was given to the young country by…


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Charisma: Its Effect on Politics & Media

The 1960 Kennedy-Nixon Debates ushered in an era of politics that has transformed how politics plays in the media as well as how public policy is formulated. The emergence of candidate-centered politics made individual personalities as important, if not more, than policy platforms. Eminent sociologist Max Weber transformed the concept of charisma from its religious origins to its secular manifestations. Weber asserted that charismatic personalities gained power and significance through sheer… Continue

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Charisma & The Illusion of Power

Power, as an illusion, represents the idea that power is not created or conjured up, but transformed from one reality to the next. Reality is represented by one's mindset. Internally, nothing has changed, but externally, all has changed. Take for instance the idea of a rare and precious painting selling for millions of dollars years after the death of the painter. In life, the painter was a struggling artist who had rejected materialism and worldly possessions. The most he ever sold in his… Continue

Added by Edward Brown on June 18, 2010 at 2:26am — 1 Comment

Mourning The Loss of Maryland State Trooper Wesley Brown

The brutal, cold-blooded ambush killing of 24-year-old, Maryland State Trooper, Wesley Brown has left those of us who work in the law enforcement and criminal justice arena cloaked with shock, sadness, and profound grief. The larger community also feels the pain.…


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Deciphering the Messages of Charismatic People

A common sense approach to dissecting charismatic rhetoric from rationality might be:

1. Using deductive and inductive reasoning to pierce the veil of rhetoric. Deductive reasoning arrives at a specific conclusion based on generalizations. While, Inductive reasoning takes events and makes generalizations (Trochim 2006). Whether the generalizations come at the end of a case (Inductive) or in the beginning (Deductive), it is important to follow the logical connection between the… Continue

Added by Edward Brown on June 11, 2010 at 2:20pm — 1 Comment

Narcissism Fuels Passion Within Charismatics

In many respects, narcissism is the fuel that prompts charismatics to go farther than the average individual in achieving goals within and without crisis situations. Eminent psychologist Alfred Adler described this aspect of narcissism as the “Superiority Complex.” Maniacci (2007) asserts:

They see others from the vantage point of who is above—or below—whom. If they are not on top, they feel grossly inferior. Others tend to feel inadequate around them. They are overly responsible,… Continue

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Creating Power & Charisma from a Position of Weakness

My name is Amanda and I am an investigator for a law firm. I heard from a co-workers that I was hired because I was a woman and the company was trying to fill a quota. My law firm is predominately male. The women have largely administrative positions in the firm. I know that I can do an exceptional job, but I am restricted to less important cases, while the male investigator handles more serious cases. I will never get the opportunity to shine, if I am not given the chance. How can I make the… Continue

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Let's Reach Out to Baltimore Det. Jermaine Cook in Aftermath of Serious Attack With Injury By Karen L. Bune

It is not an unreasonable expectation for police officers to assume they may find themselves in danger or harm’s way while working in uniform, armed, and on duty. However, for Detective Jermaine Cook of the Baltimore Maryland Police Department, the situation he recently encountered on his way home from work after his shift differed from the norm. While his vehicle was halted at a stop sign, Detective…


Added by Karen L. Bune on May 10, 2010 at 3:00am — 2 Comments

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