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Police Pursuit Scrutiny: Coming to a City Near You

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch a live pursuit on a national news station. The pursuit caught my attention because it involved the Houston Police Department (HPD) and in the past few years, HPD has come under scrutiny for Pursuits.

Before I continue, let me say that I have spent some time with Houston Police Officers, interviewed many of them during a promotional process a few years ago and found the agency to be professional and progressive. The fact that HPD… Continue

Added by Travis Yates on July 25, 2009 at 2:05am — No Comments

Professor Gates and President Obama Out Of Bounds By Karen L. Bune

“The apology won’t come from me. I’ve done nothing wrong,” said Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge Massachusetts Police Department. Henry Louis Gates, a Black man, a Harvard Professor, and a friend of President Barack Obama, is demanding one from the police officer. Responding to a report of a possible breaking and entering, Sgt. Crowley encountered Gates who reportedly was uncooperative, belligerent, and yelling loudly. He refused to provide identification when asked for it. Gates wound up… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on July 24, 2009 at 12:30pm — 6 Comments

Officer TJ Bomba Fighting Tough Battle By Karen L. Bune

He is 28-years-old, married with a child, and is a Montgomery County Maryland police officer. He has been fighting for his life, and it is not due to an on-the-job incident. Employed with the police department for approximately three years, TJ Bomba even received the Medal of Valor in the early stages of his career. He had everything going for him until June 23, 2009 when he suddenly became ill. Experiencing muscle soreness, an extremely high fever, and dehydration, he went to the doctor, but… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on July 11, 2009 at 3:13pm — No Comments

NYPD Officer Firpo Shares Commonalities With Officer Donald Rickert in PGPD Maryland

Cops these days don’t let any grass grow under their feet. Officer Dariel Firpo, a new and recent graduate of the New York Police Department Academy, no sooner finished his graduation ceremony when he observed a senior citizen being robbed and thrown to the ground. Without hesitation, Officer Firpo instantaneously went into pursuit mode and chased the culprit until he was able to apprehend him and place him under arrest.

Not only did he nab the mugger who has a history of 48 previous… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on July 7, 2009 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Call Boston PD and Save The Horse-Mounted Unit Now! By Karen L. Bune

It’s not too late for a last ditch effort to save the Boston Police Department’s Horse-Mounted Unit. Though the city council voted to disband the unit due to budget constraints and tough economic times, the horses have not yet left. And, in the meantime, John Henry and the Red Sox have offered up money to keep the horses and retain the horse-mounted unit intact.

This unit is valuable to the city, and it has been in existence for 150 years. In a city that receives visitors from all… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on July 7, 2009 at 11:51am — No Comments

Senator Barbara Boxer's Pettiness Is An Affront By Karen L. Bune

It is apparent that Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) is either replete with self-aggrandizing egotism or a blatant level of profound ignorance in which either case she enhances the critics of women in powerful positions who are oftentimes perceived by some as self-centered shrews. Boxer’s response to Brigadier General Michael Walsh, of the Army Corps of Engineers, subsequent to him addressing her as “ma’am” according to military protocol, was a shameful and unbecoming public display of behavior… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on July 4, 2009 at 4:16pm — No Comments

American University Professor Penning Poetry On Prisons By Karen L. Bune

It might be hard to imagine that a university professor, who has studied prisons extensively and has even met with hardened criminals, could write something other than scholarly, theoretical manuscripts. However, Dr. Robert Johnson, a professor at American University, Washington D. C., in the Department of Justice, Law, and Society and a renowned expert in the field of corrections, has done just that. His poetry books, "Poetic Justice: Reflections on the Big House, the Death house, and the… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on June 27, 2009 at 1:30am — No Comments

H1N1 & First Responders

The World Health Organization has raised "swine flu" to a Stage-6 pandemic. Europe has confirmed its first death, and closer to home, 36 students and their seven chaperones from a San Diego-area high school remain quarantined in China after some tested positive for the virus. It's not gone away, even if we've heard less about it recently.

How this affects first responders is a complex question, especially as the story develops and the question evolves. In conjunction with our sister… Continue

Added by Crawford Coates on June 16, 2009 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Vested For Life

As some of you may know, when I write it almost always is about emergency vehicle operations. I have been honored and privileged to have been given opportunities across the world to both speak in person and to write about this important subject but recently I have become involved in a project that is far more important for me.

I am shocked at what I have discovered and I think you will be to. What is it you ask?

There are police officers in America that are not given… Continue

Added by Travis Yates on June 11, 2009 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

Emergency Driving - The Law May Not Be on Your Side

According to reports today, New Jersey State Trooper Robert Higbee has been found not guilty of death by auto for a September 2006 crash that killed two teenage sisters.

Trooper Higbee ran a stop sign while pursuing a speeder with his lights and siren off, and killed Jacqueline and Christina Becker.

After 14 hours of deliberation, the jury returned the not guilty verdict and ultimately siding with Trooper Higbee that this was a tragic accident.

Is it just me or… Continue

Added by Travis Yates on June 10, 2009 at 12:00am — 7 Comments

Off-Duty NYPD Officer Shot by another Officer

It's a terrible loss and my heart goes out to the families. The one with the LOSS and the one who has to LIVE With what happened. It's all about the situation, and how it was handled; every person with a GUN in hand, is not a criminal. As officers we have to insure the actions we take, don't take out the GOOD GUY. I feel that prior to "Shooting", the other officer should have joined the chase, since there were two of then in the car; then make a choice after contact is made, at some point… Continue

Added by Herman Kinard on May 31, 2009 at 1:17pm — 1 Comment

PGPD Homicide Unit Provides Proper Burial For Abandoned Child By Karen L. Bune

Two fishermen who were no strangers to the waters of Lake Artemesia in Berwyn Heights, Prince George’s County Maryland, noticed a dark colored bag floating in the river on March 22, 2009 and pulled it out of the water. Inside, they discovered a deceased baby with the umbilical cord still attached. The child was of the female gender, 20 inches long, and 2.490 grams.

The Prince George’s County Police Homicide Unit was called in on the case by the Maryland Park Police who have… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on May 27, 2009 at 4:00am — No Comments

Money, Cops, and Whistle Stops

Is civilian vigilance necessary to ensure law enforcement isn't shortchanged?

Mike Wasilewski and Althea Olson, LCSW

2009 May 4

Whether its roots can be traced to the declining economy, some sort of demographic shift, bolder criminals, or an unarmed and vulnerable population may be debatable. Maybe the cause is something altogether different. What is certain is that a 46% increase in robberies, along with a general increase in other types of street crime, is a… Continue

Added by Althea Olson on May 26, 2009 at 6:13pm — No Comments

Prince George's County Maryland Police Deserve Pat On Back By Karen L. Bune

Prince George’s County Maryland is a diverse community with various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds encompassed by a wide span of physical territory that remains a continual challenge for public safety. Historically, the area was known to be laden with crime coupled with criticism often unfairly levied at the police. For the police officers themselves, it was a case of “Heck if we do, heck if we don’t.” However, things have changed and changed for the better. The Prince George’s County… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on May 25, 2009 at 4:00am — 1 Comment

Hybrid Duty Vehicles

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my favorite presentations at the NIJ’s Technology Institute for Rural Law Enforcement, held here last week, was given by Officer Matt Burg of the Aspen (Colo.) PD.

In March of 2008, the Aspen city council approved the use of hybrid duty vehicles as part of a pilot program. The idea was that hybrid vehicles would reduce carbon emissions as part of city efforts to go green and decrease fuel costs.

The department chose Toyota Highlanders… Continue

Added by Crawford Coates on May 13, 2009 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

For the Little Guys

I had the privilege of attending the NIJ’s Technology Institute for Rural Law Enforcement in Coronado, Calif., this last week. The institute, hosted by the Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (RULETC) convened 35 attendees who submitted presentations that were evaluated by RULETC staff. These presentations addressed technologies in some way—problems, solutions, reports, etc.—that will impact small or rural police departments.

“Innovation is innovation, and we’re trying to get the… Continue

Added by Crawford Coates on May 8, 2009 at 4:55pm — No Comments

Honor and Tribute Paid To Prince George's County Md. Police Sgt. Richard Findley by Karen L. Bune

Police officers, professionals in the criminal justice system, and others congregate in Washington, D. C. during National Police Week (May 10-15, 2009) to honor all the fallen law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. The pain, the loss, the grief, combined with memories and the joy of fond recollections permeate the mass of people who come to pay tribute and honor those who sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of public safety. It is a time for all to come together to support the… Continue

Added by Karen L. Bune on May 11, 2009 at 12:00am — No Comments

Brother in blue or "wanna be"?

You pull up on an active incident. In the middle of it is someone wearing a patch that says "Security" on it. What is your first thought? Maybe you should rethink your thoughts. IF you had to think in the first place maybe you should REALLY rethink your thought process. Just because someone is not "Sworn" does not make him or her an Officer. Yes, it might be far and few between BUT you might just happen when you need it. More so? Your treatment in public of that Officer might turn things around… Continue

Added by David on March 30, 2009 at 9:03pm — 9 Comments


I am a criminal justice student, I am 35 so I am too old to sit for any of the Police Officer exams, does anyone know if there are ways to get into the CSI unit without being a sworn officer. Please Help. I live in the Syracuse, NY area.

Added by April Carter on April 26, 2009 at 8:10pm — 3 Comments

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