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There's been too many officers shot this year, be safe out there. Sign out at EOT and get home safely to your family. Never let your guard down... Watch out for your fellow officers no matter what ju…

There's been too many officers shot this year, be safe out there. Sign out at EOT and get home safely to your family. Never let your guard down... Watch out for your fellow officers no matter what jurisdiction you're in. Be the first to stop and assist if a fellow officer has no back up. It's getting worse out there, but we have each other Continue

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Dave Young: Selecting Your Concealment Holster

Reporting from SHOT Show, the following presentation was made possible by Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement.

“In an hour-long class there’s only enough time to provoke thought,” Dave Young says—which he then proceeded to do in spades.

You can’t just have one method of weapon and concealment. Concealment carry requires different clothing, accessories and activities that must be considered.

People who carry concealed weapons often reveal the presence of the weapon with… Continue

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Below 100: Spreading Awareness & Reducing LODDs

Today at the 2012 SHOT Shot, Law Officer Magazine hosted a Below 100 Train-the-Trainer session made possible by Dyneema. Law Officer's Editor-in-Chief Dale Stockton, along with Capt. Travis Yates and Lt. Jim Glennon presented the program to a room full of officers, trainers and supervisors looking to promote officer safety and awareness within their…


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‘A Soaring Star,’ Frank Kratovil Jr. Will Shine As Judge In Queen Anne’s County, MD

A class act, the epitome of professionalism, one who understands and has the productive and proven know-how of bona fide, effective leadership, Frank Kratovil Jr. is, once again, moving on and moving up.  With his recent selection by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley to serve on the judicial bench of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, there is no doubt that Mr. Kratovil will prove to be a fair, impartial and effective judge.  Truly, Mr. Kratovil is an icon of excellence, and any…


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Officer’s Death Highlights Lethality Potential of Domestic Violence Cannot Be Underestimated By Karen L. Bune

With the onset of a new year, 2012 already ushers in a vivid reminder of how dangerous domestic violence calls for service can be with the reported death of Officer Shawn Schneider, 32, of the Lake City Minnesota Police Department.  Officer Schneider was a nine year veteran of the police department and also a part-time law officer with the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office.

Schneider was fighting for his life for two weeks before he died on December 30, 2011.  Shot in the head by Alan…


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I know I stated before that I am no longer a dispatcher... I am however still in the law enforcement field... I now work in the Parish Jail... there are many differences because now I am right in the middle of the chaos that comes with getting these guys behind bars and I am no longer just the voice in the radio... the only thing is they may be different but they are still the same... it all goes hand in hand with the career you have chosen to love... I still have concerns being here, I…


Added by Kim Fluitt on December 12, 2011 at 3:29am — 1 Comment

The right person for the job!?!



       So many times I have tried to talk to any and all police offices I come across and some I talk to I get this feeling that I was interrupting them, are they really do not like talking about the job.Most of the time i just want to know why they became a Police Officer. 

I love to know why anyone would want to become a Police Officer. It is great when I meet someone that has been on the job for 5 plus years and still say only nice things about the job. It’s when…


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Over coming your past!

In 2005 I got into a pushing match with My sister and we both ended up going to jail for simple battery (DVA). when we got to the court house the judge reduced our charge to Disorderly Conduct .


This August 8th 2011 I graduated for the Police Academy. I was happy  and ready to go out and do my part but so far i have been stopped dead in my tracks because I was charged with DVA not found guilty of but charged with Domestic Violence Act.. It was me and my sister not husband and…


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Generational Teaching Techniques: Are We Getting it Wrong

In general as one promotes, and in order to bridge any gaps between employees, they receive training on generational issues (Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y/ Millennial’s).  I raise the following idea for consideration.  These same trainings should be taught at the recruit level and in-service to existing employees, with a focus on, informing them of the generational expectations of the agency.  This will result in both the current and new employees being informed of the agencies…


Added by Lawrence Lujan-Jericho on November 1, 2011 at 11:47am — No Comments

FCPO National Conference

We had an outstanding national conference in Chicago and are highly recommend next year's conference in Orlando.  Also encouraging officers to become a member of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers ( on whose board I serve as VP.

Det. Sgt. M.C. Williams


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Charles Humes to Present Free Training in Toledo, Ohio

Free police training—what’s the catch?

“Just because we’re broke,” says Sgt. Charles Humes Jr., “doesn’t make things safer for our officers.” For this reason Humes, a police trainer of international renown, will be presenting a day of free training at the University of Toledo (Ohio), Dec. 21, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Consider this a gift to law enforcement, from me and the University of Toledo PD,” says Humes.

In other words, there is no catch.

Humes will be…


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Peter Berghammer, One of a Kind & Terribly Missed

Law enforcement lost a brilliant and abiding friend when Peter Berghammer died unexpectedly last Saturday, just 51 years old, from heart failure.

It may seem the sort of cliché overstatement you would expect at such a moment, but there truly was no one else like him. Anyone who knew him would agree.    

I met Peter at the SMILE (Social Media, the Internet and Law Enforcement) conference in Washington, D.C., back in April 2010, at which he spoke on security matters. They called…


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09/11 In Memoriam Stair Climb


The 10 year anniversary of the 09/11 attack is quickly approaching.  Police, Fire and America suffered a great loss on that day.  Since that time our nation and armed forces have continued to take hits as we take the fight to the cowards.   


Tucson PD SWAT is holding an in memoriam stair…


Added by Lawrence Lujan-Jericho on August 29, 2011 at 7:57pm — No Comments

Phillie's Flash Mobs Face The 'Biggest, Baddest Game in Town' By Karen L. Bune

Three cheers and major applause to Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, and Judge Kevin M. Dougherty, Supervising judge of the Philadelphia Family Court Juvenile Division, for having the guts to unhesitatingly take a tough stance and speak out on the critical problem of flash mobs in Philadelphia.  Dubbed the city of “Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia in recent weeks has been out of control with outrageously violent incidents that have evolved from flash…


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Lunch with the President

It was recently my privilege to sit down to lunch with Dan Crowley, president of Raytheon’s Network Centric Systems, to discuss the importance of technology in law enforcement and where that technology might be headed.

Foremost, Crowley takes a holistic approach to problem solving—which is what technology is at its essence: a means to solve problems. He looks at the system from afar before recommending solutions, and he thinks big. Crowley encourages law enforcement to think big,…


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The Future is Already Here

At Motorola's Executive Summit yesterday, Paul Steinberg, Motorola chief technology officer, showed off a head-worn computer as he asked the perennial question: “What next?”

He looked to recent trends for clues.

“Tablets have revolutionized the PC within 18 months of their release,” says Steinberg. He also points to the prevalence of smartphones, social media and video as evidence of a shifting paradigm.

“The next phase of computing is contextual,” he says. In…


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America's Most Wanted Canceled

Say it ain't so!  The FOX TV network announced today that the 23-year-old television crime victim advocacy show "America's Most Wanted" has been, in all intents and purposes, canceled, except for four two hour specials a year.

Sad day for crime victims, law enforcement officers and a scary thought that criminals will now have an easier time of it without their face plastered every week in front of 8 million viewers.

I spent 20 years working at the show – my personal record was…


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Have a Heart And Donate For Hunter Paulin By Karen L. Bune

In addition to the daily challenges he confronts as being a cop, United States Capitol Police Officer J. J. Paulin faces another personal challenge of a monumental nature. His eight-year-old son, Hunter, was born with 16 heart defects and has Shones Complex—a rare syndrome that comprises four severe heart defects that prevent the blood from entering and exiting his heart. The most severe of the defects is the Mitral Valve. His young son takes blood thinners daily that present…


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Chuck Humes' Critical Combative Concepts

Chuck Humes’ ILEETA presentation began auspiciously: with a slide that read “ILEETA 2011” and undulating music that built to crescendo as the letters of the slide morphed from fire to stone and back again.

But Humes kept the attention of the standing-room-only crowd with more than just fancy audio and visuals. His Critical Combative Concepts presentation dealt with basic, if hard, truths.

“Martial arts, when you get right down to it, are about maiming, crippling or killing,” he…


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Brian Willis: 2011 Train of the Year

ILEETA Deputy Executive Director Brian Willis was named Law Officer and ILEETA 2011 Trainer of the Year. He received a sustained standing ovation from the audience at today’s ILEETA conference.

“Go back and thank the trainers who’ve helped you along in your way,” he told the audience.

Willis has 25 years of law enforcement experience, including 19 as a trainer, serving mostly with the Calgary Police Service. He is the first non-American to win this coveted award. Past winners…


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