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What Does a Metal Badge Really Mean to You?

An article on the CBS Los Angeles website recently went over some new legislation currently under consideration in Washington. Basically, it seems that the union officials for police at the Los Angeles International Airport are in favor of some of the wording that would ban the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from allowing non-law-enforcement personnel…


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Doing the job

Today I read an article about an officer that was attacked and did not defend himself because he was worried about losing his job.

I am so sick and tired of people who have never put on a uniform or taken a class or even dealt with a situation that we as officers deal with on a daily basis telling me/us how to do our jobs. It’s getting to the point to where the criminal has more rights than we as officers. Are there bad cops out there? Yes!

But there are also bad cooks, bad…


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So this is my first BLOG. So it will not be filled with very much, although I have enough angst built up, im sure I could rant on for hours about nothing at all, and still manage to sound halfway interesting.

Oh look. I can even change the color of the text.

I might have more to say if I thought anyone was actually reading this.…


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Commemorating the Individual and the Action

Working in law enforcement has never been an easy job, but many recent happenings have made it even harder. People have gotten very quick to cast disparaging remarks and commentary at law officers in general, and making it harder to do an effective job.

As the…


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What officer's joined?

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Saskatchewan Police College - 2014/2015 Course Calender


See link for Saskatchewan Police Service 2014/2015 Training Calender


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Being the blue line for the quiet masses

We Have to be The Thin Blue Line


In my safe home on a day where the country is without peace, I hear the hatred and the contempt of so many.  I hear the battle cries and the yells for change, the arguments by those that have never lived or worked in the trenches; but they have seen it on television or read it online.  Our changing world has given everyone a voice.  Media is pushing a story for ratings and money.  They stir the pot of a stew that is already…


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Police Interactions Aren't Black and White

The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri this past August set off a powder keg of emotion and placed policing under a new microscope.  There has long been discussion of policing as it related to race relations and profiling.  But following this incident, we had to go on the defensive beyond the claims of racial bias, debunk the media hyperbole of “militarization,” and justify the protective equipment we value as essential in the execution of duties.

There was a common…


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fitness tests

I am looking at implementing a voluntary fitness program but having issues with standards for men and women. Does anyone have a test with different standards or same job same standards

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In Memory of Former Prince George's County (MD) County Executive, Wayne K. Curry By Karen L. Bune

 The death of former Prince George’s County (MD) County Executive, Wayne K. Curry, is devastating news.  At age 63, he became the victim of terminal lung cancer.  A smoker for many years, the impact of those actions caused him to publicly urge others, in the final months of his life, to stop smoking to avoid the fate that befell him. 

Curry was an ambitious, dedicated and committed public servant who always wanted to make a difference.  He was what Prince George’s needed in troubled…


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As an alumnus of American University and a 2011 AU alumni award recipient, as a professional with a long career in the criminal justice system, and as an Adjunct Professor at two universities, I am appalled at the behavior of Montgomery County, Maryland Judge Audrey Creighton.  Her association with a convicted felon, Rickley Senning, who she represented as a public defender coupled with her live-in, intimate relationship with him is outrageous. 

 Allegedly, she is the victim of…


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Law Enforcements Advanced Pawn Database for Pawn Shop and Gold Buyer Transaction Recordings.

I recently unveiled a new software to assist police with connecting to pawn shops and gold buyers in near real time.  As an officer keeping track of pawn sales and stolen merchandise was a nightmare, thus, my creation  Please visit and join.  Law enforcement only.

The A…


Added by Sgt. Darren Vuzzo, Ph.D on May 13, 2014 at 3:05pm — No Comments

Good Cop, Bad Daughter-memoirs of an unlikely police officer by Karen Lynch

 I wrote Good, Cop, Bad Daughter for many reasons, one of them being the desire to capture the moment in history when women first began working street patrol in San Francisco. My story is a memoir of being raised by a mentally ill mother, surviving childhood, and how that experience trained me to become a San Francisco cop. I retired after 29 years of working patrol, investigations, and homicide. Anyone who has faced challenges will enjoy this book. Please visit the Amazon page to learn…


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LEO tactics should remain OPSEC.

In the wake of the Arapahoe High School shooting there was a statement made by the Governor of Colorado that the aggressive response of the SRO helped avoid further tragedy.  That in the wake of the Columbine shooting there was a national shift in the way officers respond to these types of incidents.  While I agree with everything he said, I don’t feel that this is pertinent information for the public to have.  I believe that 90% of people are genuinely good, there is the 10% that are not…


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WATCHING MY SIX by Robert Bauer JD Being a cop has been the highlight of my life. It truly has to be one of the most rewarding careers I could have chosen. However, like everyone else, I had to learn…


by Robert Bauer JD

Being a cop has been the highlight of my life. It truly has to be one of the most rewarding careers I could have chosen. However, like everyone else, I had to learn to accept one resounding threat. Some days we put on our uniforms, hit the street, and through our minds darts the question: “Could this be the day?” It is not a pleasant thought, and it does not stay there very long. We would go crazy if we worried about it for very long. It is…


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By Robert Bauer JD

Leadership, what is it really? We hear that people are touted as born leaders and others learned to be leaders, tested under fire. Leadership is a term thrown around loosely and used like confetti these days. Almost every organization has some form of leadership training. In the military, there are Non-Commissioned Officer schools of leadership, Officer Candidate School, and leadership programs at the different military…


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Are we ready for Armageddon?

Robert Bauer JD

Are we prepared for Armageddon? The question has to be asked of the law enforcement and security community in order to see if they have examined their abilities to respond to situations that that are fueled by the feelings of helplessness, and hopelessness. These feelings of despair that has landed on the shores of the United States are bringing with it death and destruction that expresses itself in a scale that has only been witnessed during times of wars.



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By Robert Bauer JD

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Shakespeare play in Washington DC. People can say what they want to about the live theater, but Shakespeare plays have a timeless quality, appealing to audiences in varied times and places. They always seem to apply to the world at the time. Part of their appeal is their examination of the human nature, which also does not seem to change over time.

This particular play, “Measure to Measure” was a dark comedy that…


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