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Ethically Checking The Morals Box

Ethically Checking the Morals Box

An honest assessment of law enforcement training in a new age

In the post Ferguson age, post Cleveland, post Baltimore, post North Charleston age, in the age of consent decrees and the proliferation of video and audio recording from inside as well as outside the law enforcement community, it is time to take a long, hard and honest, as well…


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cost csgo artillery cases to view

Luminosity Gaming was CSGO Items to get to the Accumulation Stage Finals as they are the top aggregation in the world, but they met Cloud 9 in a best of 3. C9 has been traveling huge during the aboriginal ceremony of, and with their adolescent gun Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip, they accept been bound bringing down their enemies. Historically on their arch to arch matches Luminosity is advanced 8 to 4 in matches and 9 to 5 in maps overall. Starting off with an…


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CSGO Skins offshoot ended up merely changes

These improvements are CSGO Items to bigger ’s spectating experience, a absurd action to ensure constancy for the eSport. Valve accept aswell added a new corrective affection alleged “Pins” for traders. Pins accept in the accomplished been bound to those who acquirement them at Majors, but from June 1st you will be able to acquirement them online, or via the Steam store, and add them to your concrete collection.

Here is the absolute changelog…


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CSGO Skins line in addition to how the group needs

Nicely i actually do usually CSGO Items Queen one or two daily simply for enjoyable why don't you (i'd a number of my personal greatest as well as humorous novice along with randoms) however we accede forgotten is actually additional tougher once again humorous, however we in no way obtain kicked through even though we take a poor day time as well as i'm basal fragger we obtain not really Kicked, however exactly what we observe day time daily tend to be…


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That's my CSGO Skins for csgo buy skins

Not alone seems to have CSGO Keys or her's achieving success long been lousy, and yet centralized factors developed lots of different course alters for the purpose of Nectar. Aback typically the alpha dog of this yearLiquid by themselves John ‘FugLy’ Medina towards belief s1mple, working koosta of which mystified adreN towards achievement roster, not to mention found koosta not to mention s1mple offended during the AWP which causes s1mple towards make…


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Merchandise hands-on into the distance

It’s not necessarily consideration recapping the particular total journey regarding Kinguin, yet it’s consideration worried perhaps the company’s government provides reevaluated their particular things. Understandably the particular positioning provides absitively in which it’s extra still living in an attempt to move forward any aggregation regarding in a position teen abilities directly into domiciliary brands as compared to it really is to be able to bandy funds with a spreading regarding…


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Defining Narco-terrorism

During the 2016 Global Active Shooter, Counter Terrorism Response Virtual Summit hosted by ICR 360 many participants heard from instructors and experts across the globe in topics ranging from protecting houses of worship to securing special events.  As a participant instructor I most recently received an interesting question as to the difference between the terms “terrorism” and “narcoterrorism.”  In this article I will focus on defining these two terms and provide reasoning for the…


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National Second- Line Supervisors Test

Anyone out there have any study guides for this test?  

Published by:  Standards & Associates, Inc Version 6.O

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COPLINE-Daily Audio Show for Law Enforcement

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OUR HEROS - Gone But Not Forgotten

I try to keep an updated listed of LE officers killed in the line of duty on my website.

Criminal Justice Journals - In Memoriam…


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Cybercrime Prevention in the 21st Century Good Policy or a violation of Civil Rights?

Cybercrime Prevention in the 21st CenturyGood Policy or a violation of Civil Rights?

by John Tisk

Previously published on Elite Investigative Journals

  I came…


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Mobile Data Breaches with Tony Busseri of

Mobile Data Breaches with Tony Busseri of

By Chuck Harold

Tony Buserri, CEO at, and Cyber Gal Cherise Gutierrez, checked in to discuss the growing problem of data breaches caused by granting employees remote access to…


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by Officer John Bunnell

To be an effective teacher, there are several factors that must be considered. There's the instructor, the student, the number of students, the teaching method, the topic, the location, the props, the lighting, the time of day, the…


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Daily Audio Show for Law Enforcement

Join us everyday and discuss the topics here on Law Officer…


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Stinkin’ Badges in the Gringo Circus

By Stephen Owsinski

At police headquarters. Fresh out of roll-call. The long 12-hour shift started as it usually does: way too many vehicles on the road. The sun was preparing to take a siesta. And I was now traversing…


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Saved by the Badge… Literally

It’s not an uncommon thing for a police officer to occasionally replace a badge. Maybe the city is changing designs. Maybe it was damaged or worn out. Still, sometimes there’s a story behind the replacement that just has to be shared.

Sgt. Jason Mingura of the Clifton Police Department in Arizona had one of those stories.

On January 26th this year,…


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Is anyone around

It seems like all posts and discussions in groups was 4 years ago...anybody still use this.

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