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Sabrina Mejias
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Jun 2, 2014
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Jun 2, 2014
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May 11, 2014
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May 9, 2014
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May 9, 2014
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May 8, 2014
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May 5, 2014
Sabrina Mejias left a comment for Fred Moore
"thank you for commenting on my agency webpage. I hope all is well !"
May 4, 2014
Fred Moore left a comment for Sabrina Mejias
" Long time LEO, 37 yrs in Corrections, Municipal Police, retired as Capt. with the Henry Co. Sheriff's Office in Ga. Welcome aboard, stay safe."
May 1, 2014
Fred Moore left a comment for Sabrina Mejias
" Welcome Sabrina !"
May 1, 2014
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Police dog handlers, whether for general patrol, search and rescue, drug interdiction, or explosives protection.
Apr 29, 2014
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Apr 29, 2014
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Apr 28, 2014

Profile Information

Primary Agency/Department Type:
Primary Role in Law Enforcement:
Honored Featured Member Law Officer Connect /Tribal Law Enforcement Agency and Training Facility Owner Administrator/Federal Special Agent and K9 Police Unit Decoy-Agitator /OPOA Active Peace Officer Subchapter Reserve Peace Officer/NAIS Investigative Specialist/Special Ops Warrior Volunteer SOWF/Cobra Special Forces Elite Mercenary Unit-Soldier Currently Enlisted And On Active Duty /-NLPOA National And California Federal Law Enforcement Officer Named Honorary Member,Cherocreek Nation Agency located in Oregon/National Registration And California Chapter / Licensed or Certified Multi Jurisdicitonal Pursuit Policy/ Nationally Certified Fugitive Recovery / Certified Graduate Diploma Legal Studies Internationally/ Licensed General Securities Network, and Internet Associates Internationally /Homeland Security Trainer and Officer Coordinating For My Agency or Future Career Planning/Training/ National Latinos Peace Officer Association Officers Member Program /Trained For National First Responder Our Agency Also Provides Training For Various Medical Needs / NRA Life Of Duty Officer Member/ LEAP Police Officer Public Speaker and Member
Primary Department/Agency Name:
Cherocreek Nation
Years in Law Enforcement:
less than 1
What State Do You Work In?
My Training:
National and California Federal Law Enforcement Officer Named Honorary Member /Oregon Peace/Police Officer and Reserve Peace Officer/NAIS Investigator/Active Shooter Certification/ Private Investigator (union)/ Certified Graduate Diploma legal Studies/Police Career web testing Promotional Exam From Supervision of Police Personnel passed 88 percent/ Police Career web testing center exam from Police Field Operations 100 percent / Law Officers Pocket manual Police 85 percent Career web testing exam temporarily signed in as sample exam applied for and submitted as promotional exam / security associate and networking certification, internet associate certification,/pursuit policy certification/registered active full time peace officer/Fugitive recovery certification/ Security and Fugitive Recovery Business licensing/ Investigation Business Registration/ Law enforcement against prohibition Police Officer Public Speaker and Member/ officer member and NRA life of duty member.
you may email us at or
Our Agency Contact Number Is (541)646-5732 You may reach us at this number any time of the day, if the call has not been taken by somebody in the office please don't hesitate to leave a message! All services provided are volunteered or contracted for commision by Me Training Officer On Duty / Active Federal Agent / Active Special Agent / Police Officer/NLPOA Named Honorary!/ Los Angeles Police Protective League/Special Ops Volunteer / FEMA SID ID/ DPSST/PSID Current and Active

Virtual Notary

Log Entry

Virtual-Notary.Org hereby notes that on
Date: Wednesday May 07, 2014 05:56.20 EDT (UTC-0400)

A user at IP address
claimed that his/her name was:
Name: Sabrina Anna Mejias/Mina Emiko Caraballo
and made the following statement:

Oath Of Office Police Officer Federal Agent/Special Agent
And Code Of Ethics



I,Sabrina Mejias, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States,
and the Constitution of the State of Oregon, and the Laws therefore, and I will faithfully,
honestly, and impartially discharge the duties of a Police Officer during my continuance therein,
to the best of my ability, so help me God.


Subscribed and sworn to and before me this 7th day of May,2014.

The Superintendent acknowledges that the citizens of the State of Oregon rightfully expect and demand that the Oregon State Police epitomize the highest ideals of ethical and professional conduct. As a Police Officer, I subscribe to and adopt the ideals set forth in the Code of Ethical Conduct.

As a peace officer, I am the image of penal law and its warden. If I am to be esteemed and the law I typify respected, I must know my authority well and use it wisely. I shall neither exceed nor abuse it.

During my private and public life, I shall conduct myself with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. I shall at all times conduct myself in a manner which consistently maintains the public trust.

I shall be intolerant of dishonorable or unethical conduct by any person in the criminal justice community. As an Oregon State Police officer, I shall strive to be courageous in my professional and everyday life, and will take prudent and judicious action when faced with danger, scorn, or ridicule.

Although the way I choose to conduct my private life is a personal freedom, I accept responsibility for my actions while on or off duty. I will not become a party to conduct that is likely to, or does bring disrespect to myself, my fellow employees, or the Oregon State Police. To that end, I shall not engage in personal conduct that affects, or could be perceived to affect, impartiality in my official capacity.

I shall not use my position or authority for any personal gain or benefit. I shall refrain from seeking or accepting any gift, gratuity, or favor that is tendered, or could reasonably be perceived as being tendered, as an attempt to influence impartiality in my official capacity.

As an Oregon State Police officer, I acknowledge the authority and responsibility entrusted to me and will use only the amount of force reasonably necessary to accomplish and fulfill my duties. I consider the use of deadly physical force as the final option to protect myself or another person from what I reasonably believe to be the infliction, or threatened infliction, of serious physical injury.

I shall bear faithful allegiance to the State of Oregon and the Oregon State Police and shall be loyal to the highest ideals of my profession. I will serve the public with due respect, concern, courtesy, and responsiveness without prejudice. I recognize the service to the public is beyond service to myself. As a police officer, I consider it a privilege, and the greatest honor that may be bestowed upon any person, to defend the principles of liberty.

Note that Virtual-Notary.ORG does not check the verity of
identity claims, and therefore cannot speak to the truthfulness
of the claimed name above. However, this certificate serves as
proof that a user contacted our server, claimed the name shown
above and made the subsequent statement on the date noted above.
About Me:
Federally Recognized Tribal Government Entity And Business Owner Oregon District 2
I own and run my own business organization, and enjoy going to school when I have the time. I do photography as a hobby, and farm for a profession and hobby also. I volunteer a lot of the time, and also contract for commission. I have disabilities, and have learned to live with them with ease.
Currently our agency is not hiring, but for future reference when we do establish a hiring process, and update available positions to the public, you should know our agency allows the use of weapons permit badges to all verifiable Officer employees. In order to wear these badges you must either have a concealed weapons permit, and even then you may not be permitted to use them in demonstration of any legal authority, or you must be an official law enforcement personnel. If you become a law enforcement member trained by any of the Cherocreek Nation Officers including myself you will be permitted to use these badges as a reference to the public you are armed and qualified for certain protections of the LEOSA act, you may have them engraved if you wish or not.You will only need to explain to your public sector you are employed by a federal agency and are qualified under the LEOSA Act., only law enforcement are allowed to use these badges for public display of authority. When you begin the training process for the Cherocreek Nation you will be explained on the process of becoming a Peace Officer and the requirements of our organization. You will be assigned to a Peace Officer Association of you're choice, and will need clearance from Homeland Security. You will be enrolled with at least one of Cherocreek Nation's Training academies or schools, most likely Homeland Security FLETC. By now you should be able to begin the training and credentialing process. We do accept applications for volunteers, but do not promise a position to anybody. When we are hiring or are in contact with a highly qualified individual /volunteer this may change. If you undertake training, and become employed through Cherocreek Nation Law Enforcement Tribal Government Agency, or it's affiliated DBA's you may become Sworn to uphold you're duty as an officer, or for merit. All officers are required to take active status. We will have you're oath publicly notarized and certified, it will be done by Cherocreek Nation computer systems and by you're personal internet provider, we require you to process an oath to office on you're computer system as well that way it provides you're proof of ip which may be used for you're signature security purposes!!! We will email you a copy of the notary certificate provided by our system and you in turn will email us a copy of you're notary established on you're computer system for our records and legal puposes, you will then be able to print you're oath of office. Once you / and our agency have both Certificates to confirm you're Code Of Conduct And Oath you will be officially a sworn officer in our agency, note you must complete the entire process of field training and training exams, educational courses and certifications, clearance screening, the background investigations for hiring and security purposes , activate you're full time status in police programs, associations or unions, and last but not least notary certifications, in order to be considered an Officer of our Government Offices. You're rank is established based on experience and training.
If you would like to request copies of Cherocreek Nation /and or my credentialing send an email regarding you're request and you're reasons explaining the need for this material, if it is necessary you will be provided the documents you are requesting. Some credentialing is still being processed as we are constantly updating our data base, education, and agency this is mandatory and not unusual so you have been affirmed. I have a partner he is trained for basic commands, and some service dog/ protect / attack / guard dog training. He is a registered Police K-9 In the Oregon Police Canine Association our ranks and unit is and are Decoy Agitator ranks and unit combined, he is also in the Inland Empire Police Canine Association his name is Scrappy and he and I are just registered as a Police K9 Unit in the IEPCA , he is an American Boxer registered full breed. He has a strong bond with his partner which is "myself" . Over some time, some bonding, and basic training, he has learned to sense some medical emergencies, not just with myself but during other occasions as well. We also have in our family a German Boxer,a Yellow Labrador, and a Chihuahua. We have a small farm where our tribal offices and ministry are maintained.
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Personal Site/Profile:
I Love Being in Law Enforcement Because:
I just enjoy it

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At 1:54pm on May 1, 2014, Fred Moore said…

 Welcome Sabrina !

At 1:56pm on May 1, 2014, Fred Moore said…

 Long time LEO, 37 yrs in Corrections, Municipal Police, retired as Capt. with the Henry Co. Sheriff's Office in Ga. Welcome aboard, stay safe.

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