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  • Firearms Instructors

    384 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    Trainers who teach skills with handguns, shotguns, rifles and other things that go "bang."

  • The Sergeant's Office

    302 members Latest Activity: Apr 10 For all us Sarge's out there: to discuss general Sergeant duties.

  • Patrol Officers - General Law Enforcement

    296 members Latest Activity: Feb 20 This is for the street grunts, ankle jerks and other blue, tan and green suits that are the backbone of law enforcement. No elitists allowed.

  • Tactical Operators/Special Operations/SWAT/CNT

    257 members Latest Activity: Apr 6 This is a group for all tactical operators/members of special operations units, i.e. SWAT/SRT/CNT, etc. Please remember op sec before posting…

  • Field Training Officers

    224 members Latest Activity: Apr 6 Personnel assigned to train new recruits in on-the-job environments, in both law enforcement and corrections.

  • Academy Instructors

    165 members Latest Activity: Mar 26 This section is for law enforcement officers and others assigned either full-time or part time to teaching academy classes. This is a good place to…

  • Defensive Tactics Instructors

    146 members Latest Activity: Mar 16 Trainers in empty hand, impact weapon, aerosol spray, handcuffing and other related techniques.

  • Patch Collectors

    135 members Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2013 Traders of shoulder patches/flashes, badges, and other police insignia. Items may be offered for trade, but not sale.

  • Law Enforcement Trainers

    132 members Latest Activity: Mar 24 A group for those L.E. professionals who dedicate their time, skills, and experience to the training of those new L.E. professionals that will carry…

  • Gang Officers and Investigators

    131 members Latest Activity: Dec 6, 2013 This forum is for officers assigned to the prevention, enforcement and investigation of gangs and their members

  • Taser Operators/Instructors

    130 members Latest Activity: on Monday Taser operators/Instructors

  • K-9

    124 members Latest Activity: Mar 16 Police dog handlers, whether for general patrol, search and rescue, drug interdiction, or explosives protection.

  • Traffic Officers & Motor Cops

    123 members Latest Activity: Mar 24 If you have to stop and consider what to do with anything not having taillights, this group is for you.

  • Corrections Officers

    122 members Latest Activity: Oct 6, 2013 For those brave souls whose beat is the toughest neighborhood in America.

  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers

    113 members Latest Activity: Dec 9, 2013 A place for the feds to discuss whats happening in the federal world of LE.

  • Fitness and Health Buffs

    112 members Latest Activity: Feb 24 Muscleheads, runners, and anyone else who believes that personal fitness is an essential part of being a law enforcement officer.

  • Crime Scene Investigators

    100 members Latest Activity: Feb 24

  • The Collectors Group

    80 members Latest Activity: Sep 30, 2011 This is the Group for all collectors. No matter what you collect, may it be badges, patches, hats, challenge coins, you are welcome to join. We can…

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