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USMC Scout Sniper for 2nd Marine Div. 1983 to 2003. Spent 14 1/2 months with the advanced deployment into Kawait.

How about you?

How did you convert from USMC to Civilian Police? Do you find yourself still calling your Sgt and LT's "SIR" LOL

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I was out at Pendleton for some training in the late 80's...LOL Im an old marine!

I grew up around Norfolk NE, in a town north of there called Pierce. But left in 1983 and have only been back to see my mom who still lives there. Small towns never change much. Glad I left there. But Sioux Falls is big enough and yet small enough!

Be Safe Brother!

have a great day!
I was in from 1979 to 1986 as an 0311/0331 with Kilo 3/3 than Fox 2/1, got out as a Sgt. Started as a Deputy Sheriff, San Digo County S.O. 1987-1988. Currently a Police Officer with Oceanside PD since 1988.
I still call the Capt. Skipper, even though he was in the Army.

Be safe out there - SEMPER FI
I was in from 1997 to 2005. I was a 1341 with my last duty station at I&I Staff Phoenix, AZ Heavy Equipment Chief. I have a cousin that talked me into law enforcement when it was time to get my walking papers. I came back to Texas and worked in the jails and prison system for about 4 years, then came out to the streets.

The transition from Marine life to civie was little shocking at first. Thanks to good ole Marine Corps training, I have adapted and love the job. I still call senoirs by rank, that's never going to change!!

Be safe Brothers and Sisters
Semper Fidelis!


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