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This group has been started so Law Enforcement Officers can show off their tattoos, tell their stories about their tattoos, and maybe even get some ideas from someone else's artwork. We believe that just because a cop has tattoos, doesn't mean we can't do the job. In fact I'm sure many of us would agree that our tattoos have helped us at one point or another, when dealing with people on the streets. We won't tolerate any bashing or judging. If you don't like cops with tattoos, then don't join and keep your comments to yourself. So please, sit back, relax, and feel free to show off your tats!

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Thanks for starting this group! I have found so many agencies that not only frown on inked officers, but have policies against having any tattoos.....until I found my current and hopefully, last, posting!  I would be happy to share pics of my ink. Be safe.....

I will get this started... Pics of my and some of my ink....


Mike, love the bicep piece, and the Celtic cross with the triskelion.  Aside from having a lot of ink myself, I also have been a tattoo artist for almost 30 years now. I just recently did a Veritas Aequitas tattoo on a friend of mine, with Veritas on the back of one arm and Aequitas on the other....

Here's a few of mine, although I just took them with my camera on my phone, so the quality isn't that great.  I've got a bunch more, so I'll try to get some better pics on the next ones. Also, most of my ink is pretty old, but I am getting ready for some new ink, so will also post that as it comes together.


Right forearm.  In honor of an old friend who served in Vietnam. 


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