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Back inflation or Jacket style, your preference and why?

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40 lbs of weights. Must be using a harness weight system or large belt weights. How do you feel about weight integration BCD's. There is a couple schools of thought here. one being if you have use it they are easy to dump and one less thing to have attached to dive, and 2nd being if you use harness or belt weights you can remove BC to take care of problems or entanglements and still be negatively bouyant.
I like the jacket style. integrated weight system is easy to dump, it also makes putting weights on a much easier process. As far as being sure that the weights are locked in the pockets correctly, there is a audible click when the weight sit in and a pull on the handle assures that they are locked in place.
I prefer the jackst style. It doesn't push you forward like so many back inflate B.C.'s I've tried and jacket style B.C.'s have pockets for extra flashlight's and tools you might need.
We're issued the Scubapro Knighthawk BC's. Its back-inflated/harness style. Works well with a drysuit.

There are some very nice jacket style BCD's out there, but for me, wings, or rear inflation is all I do these days. Makes a difference when diving in a current, less drag to hold me back. I also only dive doubles, so that precludes diving with wings.  I also use a drysuit most of the time, with two thigh mounted pockets, plenty of room for my tools.

Dive safe


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