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With Operation Dry Water 2010, for National BUI Week, in the books, I'd love to hear about some of your experiences working with the media and the public on BUI awareness.

For anyone interested in getting involved with Operation Dry Water 2011, just click the link above or go to


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Boating Enforcement Activity

Good news: Few arrested at checkpoint
But many still cited for equipment shortcomings

Five law enforcement agencies recently worked together to help provide a safe boating environment for watercraft users along the Colorado River.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department, Nevada Department of Wildlife, National Park Service, Bullhead City Police Department, and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department recently conducted an OUI (Operating Under the Influence)/Safety Checkpoint at Katherine’s Landing in Bullhead City.

Two arrests were made for exceeding the blood alcohol limit of .08, down from nine in 2009, and overall compliance with required safety equipment was 78 percent, up from 73 percent in 2010.

Velma Holt, west sector supervisor for the Game and Fish Kingman office, believes an outreach effort that has reached 6,000 boaters over the last three years may have played a role in the higher compliance rate.

“I’m pleased to see more boaters operating with the required equipment,” Holt said. “The regulations are in place for a reason. There are a lot of potential dangers on our waterways, not the least of which is the sheer number of boats using a limited amount of space.”

Holt also mentioned cold water temperatures, alcohol, and inexperienced boaters as other potential safety issues.

“Boat Safe, Boat Smart, and Boat Sober,” Holt said, referring to the safety slogan. “Game and Fish also offers free boating education, which covers safety issues, regulations, and the required equipment prior to launch.”

While compliance improved and arrests were down, Holt did point out some concerns. A total of 72 citations were issued, 31 of which were for not having a Type IV throwable on board.

Holt explained these throwable floatation devices are critical because one person jumping in the water to try and save another simply puts two people at risk.

An additional 15 citations were written for not having a fire extinguisher, 13 for insufficient PFD’s (Personal Floatation Device), four were written for expired registration, four for having a child under 12 not wearing a life jacket, two for possession of drugs and paraphernalia, and one for an overloaded boat.

“Everyone on the water needs to understand how many scenarios on the water can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation,” Holt said. “If you are going on a boat, take a few minutes to learn what is required prior to launching.”

For those interested in taking a boating education class, visit the Game and Fish website at
June 28, 2010

DEP Boating Enforcement Effort Results in 4 Arrests over Weekend
Operation Dry Water Part of Nationwide Effort

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police today announced it made four arrests over the weekend for Boating Under the Influence (BUI), as part of "Operation Drywater," a nationwide effort to curb boating under the influence. EnCon Police said two arrests were made on the lower Connecticut River and two were made on Candlewood Lake during the annual fireworks display. The endeavor also resulted in nine citations for various boating safety violations.

Arrested in separate incidents on the Connecticut River in Old Saybrook were Carmelo Longo, age 29 of Bristol and Ronald Swaney, age 42 of Moodus. Both were released on promises to appear in Middletown Superior Court on July 8th 2010. During the Candlewood Lake patrols, DEP EnCon Police made two arrests for BUI Saturday night William H. Johnson Jr., age 52 of New Fairfield and Joseph W. Swindell Jr., age 62 of New Milford, CT were charged with BUI. Both subjects were released on a written promise to appear in Danbury Superior Court on July 13th 2010. In addition to the four arrests, nine citations were issued for failure to carry a life jacket and speed zone and noise violations.

Operation Dry Water, launched in 2009 by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) in partnership with the United States Coast Guard and state boating law enforcement agencies such as the DEP. Last summer, agencies and organizations from 46 states and 5 territories participated in the first ever Operation Dry Water weekend. This year, all 56 states, trusts and territories are expected to participate, searching for boat operators whose alcohol or drug impairment makes them a danger to other boaters. The DEP participated in Operation Drywater along with Old Saybrook Police, the United States Coast Guard, and Connecticut State Police, including the Chester Resident Trooper’s Office and the State Police Breath Alcohol Testing mobile unit at the Old Saybrook state boat launch.

Additional information is available at


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