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So I see this naked guy dancing his heart out on a small island (about 50 ft in diameter) in the middle of the lake.

Its a crowded holiday weekend with kids on float tubes, pwc's and pontoon boats every where.  So this guy's behavior is completely unacceptable and has to stop.

Naked guy is totally oblivious to my approach so I ease the 25 ft. patrol vessel up onto the beach about 10 feet behind him and said, "Whatcha Doin?". 

If naked guy had any clothes on, he would have jumped out of them.

Having successfully gained the naked dancing guy's attention, I ask him, "Do you have any logical reason for your behavior?"  The guy stands up, having put his swim suit on both inside out and backwards and looks around like he's going to run from me. 

I guess he eventually realized he was on an ISLAND and had no place to run, cause he kind of sighed, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well Officer......Logically.....I'm drunk."

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