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From within families to corporate mission statements to government policy statements, there seems to be a disconnect between what is expressed as a need and the actual behavior directed toward achieving it. We talk of the benefit of family on society yet we promulgate laws that actually help destroy it. We talk about crime and violence yet we cringe at fully enforcing the law lest we offend someones sensibilities. Whatever happened to the "good of the community?" We rattle our saber at those who want to destroy us and run when they growl back. In desert storm we were asked to help defend the very people who decry our way of life. Why was it only our planes, tanks, and personnel doing the fighting. Why weren't the kuwaitis, saudis, and others in the front lines risking their lives to protect their oil and regimes? Why is one group enabled to demonize certain countries and religions and yet we tiptoe around the issue? Why is a body that's supposed to encourage peace made up of despot and corrupt regimes that export terror abroad and terrorize their own citizens? And, why, do these same countries sit on panels of human rights and international security? Is the wind so strong that any line drawn in the sand immediately obliterated? Is the only difference between black and white, night and day the perview of science? Is right and wrong such a fluid concept that it defies definition, or worse yet, encourage committment? At what point does one say I have the fortitude to stand for my convictions for however long it takes and under any circumstance. If the bad guy domestically or internationally cared there'd be no need for LE or the military. They are who they are because they don't care and don't follow the stated rules. If retreat is your choice then you were defeated before the conflict began. If you're committed to the ideals of right and wrong, then you stay the course and crush the enemy. Our country and communities are far from perfect but if we fail to have some moral compass and committ wholeheartedly to its achievement, we will not only decay, we will give our enemies internally and externally cause for rejoicing!

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