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Great to see some ICE here.

I am hoping I can get some help with a situation that is "off the job". I live in South San Francisco city on a private street with about 22 single family homes. My problem is that my next door has waaaaaaaay to many tenants living there. The square footage of our houses is 1980 sq. feet. The houses have 2 1/2 bath and 4 bedrooms. My neighbor has fourteen (14) people living in the house. Six (6) are children.

The neighbor is a flight attendent and he does not reside at the residence. He has a sister who does but she is 5150 and takes meds to balance out her mood swings. She has numerous confrontations with the people moving in to the house. My neighbors and I have called the local PD to see if the sister is ok as the arguments are quite loud and we fear for her safety. The locals tell us that it is a "tenant/landlord" dispute and not much they (the locals) can do to resolve it since the sister who lives there is off her meds when it happens and states that she was not assualted.

I have made contact with the city pest abatement due to the increase of mice in the backyards and they are currently doing an assesment to see if the varmits are nesting in the neighbors' backyard since the landlord cut down a huge pine tree in his backyard and has not removed the branches/limbs/needles from the area. I also have an appointment with the health inspector to verify the condition of living in the house since everytime the door opens, a pungent smell comes out. I am looking at the bylaws of our home owners association for any legal means. Also I believe that the sister has said that the people who moved in have partition the house into smaller rooms and I will be contacting the building inspector as well.
I feel that after paying half a million for my house and working the roughest neighborhood in San Francisco (Hunters Point), I should not have to come home to this aggrevation.

So why am I asking for advice from ICE? The landlord owns an apartment building in San Francisco that has been condemmed. He must find lodging for his tenants while the building is being repaired and brought up to code. Working in San Francisco I know how ICE has a hard time with the Board of Supervisors when dealing with raids. The people who live next door are from Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico and possibly Ireland. Since the landlord has moved so many people to this house I was wondering if there was some type of indication that there maybe illegal imigrants living there. I am unable to run any 10-28s on their vehicles because as Postal Police Officers, we are only law enforcement on the clock, in uniform, and on postal property.

Is there a point of contact for ICE to start an investigation? I am trying to cover all bases with this since I have to think of my childrens safety.

Any ideas, points or resources would be welcomed.



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#1. I would call CYS (Children Youth and Services) if you have one of those departments in your neck of the woods. File a complaint with them on the living conditions.

#2. Talk to the powers to be and check all laws in your area on Building Code requirements and occupancy requirements. Not to mention under the Right to Know Laws, get a copy of the signed tenant agreement and see who is legal to stay there.

#3. Send a letter to the Landlord/owner of the home about his deficiencies about the property. There is some OLD English laws in the books that if you go to a LAW Library you can research some old Ordinances. Lots of local Cities and towns are researching old laws and re-adopting and updating them tot he current time and place.

#4. You are right in not running 10-28 information. That would be miss use of the NCIC/DOT system. But I am sure if you identify your self as a LEO to the local PD, they will get you that information. Or you can always do it through your County Court House. It is public information. You may have to pay a small fee for the information, but you will have the information to play with.

#5. Not sure about ICE, but I am sure they are overwhelmed with these types of complaints of illegals. They may be able to help. IRS, local tax office, local government office may also help you get the ball rolling. Get copies of all the police complaints/reports. That also is public information.

#6. This is the BIG ONE OF ALL.... call in some tips or talk to some local TV Invetsigative Reporters, they may do it all for you and you would not have to do either of the above. They look for things like this. Especially with all the illegals living in the USA.

Good luck and be safe.
Thank you Anthony. You have provided some good points to use. I'll update you later as this issue gets resolved.

We (ICE) do have a hard time getting cooperation from the city of SF all the time, only until recently have they been helping us out locating crims at the jail who are foreign born. Point of contact....All I could say is drop a line at the 866-DHS-2ICE hotline and pray that OI will actually do something.

One of my buds works for South City PD, if you need his contact info, PM me and I'll ask him if he can help you out. It seems like you have gotten the ball moving as far as health inspector and other city officials, take care and good luck!
Yes Stephan. I would like your contacts info. Please send to my email, although he has probably already been to the house.

Thanks again,

Your local fire marshal/inspector may want to stop buy to see if this is now a multi-family dwelling, which requires multiple exits, fire alarms, etc. etc. (Never hurts to let them know you are an LEO). The Fire Marshal can order the place closed down NOW if there is a life safety hazard.

Finally, if your agencies do not want to help, talk to your elected officials.


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