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What are you or your agency doing to help reduce police equipment traffic collisions?  Training? Discipline for negligent driving behavior?  Does your agency bill your officers, deputies or troopers for damage to police vehicles due to obviously negligent behavior?

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     As a small agency in the State of Florida, we have a driving bonus each year that is negotiated in the contract.  For those officers that maintain a crash free year, they are awarded the $1000 bonus.  For those officers that are found at fault in vehicle collisions do not receive the award.   This incentive has worked well for those that are concious of their driving and eliminates the "dumb mistakes" that can come from carelessness.   We have collisions that officers are not found at fault.  In this case they still receive the award.  To answer the next question, all of our vehicle collisions are investigated by an outside agency per policy.


    In addition to the incentive, the agency provided a driver training at least once a year and usually schedules twice a year for slow speed, defensive driving skills which include backing  drills.  Backing has been a problem for many and we focus on that issue as well.  Our city administration has adopted this idea and a program has been established for city employees that operate city vehicles can opt for a defensive driving class with an actual driving courses.  This has assited in the reduction of overall fleet vehicle crashes city wide.  Those that need reform school are also assigned the class for participation.  It assists with our overall insurance cost and the insurance carrier loves the idea. 


     Hope this helps.


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