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What is the best way to keep your uniform shirt tucked in?

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Have your uniform shirt tailored with your vest on, and wear shirt stays - they attach front and back on your shirt, both sides (4 connection points) and then are connected through your trouser leg to your sock. When you stand the shirt is pulled into your trousers. Keeps the shirt neat. Stays available at any Army Navy and most PD supply stores. If not, go to eBay

But I'm assigned to Marine Patrol - what do I do when I'm wearing my shorts? 

Either keep tucking in your shirt or look like a real nurd.  LOL

What I've been doing for years is bring my uniform shirts to a tailor along with a few strips of velcro to be sewn onto the bottom of the shirt below the last button. This ensures the shirt tails are always deep into the pants. Also I've purchased from Galls a plastic band called the silent tailor. I wear it wrapped around the bottom part of my shirt, when my pants are zipped up and closed the plastic belt is below the waist line of the pants and ensures the shirt is kept tucked in. These work for me well.


I use the Galls Flexible Waist Belt. I've used it for the past 15 years and I've been completely satisfied and it keeps my shirt tucked in.

I used to use the shirt stays. But found a product on the internet called "sticky belt" it is similar to the silent tailor, but uses a material much like the hook part of "Velcro" as the grabber on your uniform. It sits just under your pants belt It has served me well.

Shirt stays best thing since sliced bread.


sew them to your socks

yep sock shirts work great, kinda like a onesey for big guys... heck i just mite invent something like that,

( police onesey's) hmmmm

These days my uniform consists of a polo and 511 pants, so stay nee around the waist isn't and issue, but when I was wearing traditional uniform, I used shirt stays. That is, until one broke loose and there was a nasty grazing incident!
Having the final tayloring done with your vest on (You do wear your vest, right....)goes a long way towards proper fit.

I started using the ShirtLock a couple of weeks ago and it is amazing!! It's the same concept as the 'sticky belt' and it works great.


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