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If you are the parent of a young school-aged child, you will find this news video interesting,

MESA, Ariz. (MyFoxPhoenix) - He's not the type of armed man on campus you'd expect parents to be concerned about -- but apparently a police officer dropping off his daughter at school was just too scary for some parents in Mesa. And the school principal actually called that officer to ask him not to wear his uniform on campus ever again. The issue was that other parents were concerned because he had a gun. The officer, who works for the Coolidge Police Department, is a parent of a kid that goes to Entz Elementary School in Mesa.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been approached by parents, school officials who might have the similar concern reported here? How did you handle it?

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I'd like to know what the District School Board's position would be.

Seems that these are the types of parents that use police officers to scare and intimidate their kids.

I haven't experienced this personally as I'm not blessed with children, that being said; any school district that feels it necessary to preclude a uniformed LEO from merely dropping off/retrieving their child obviously is ignorant of recent events nationwide and globally. If I had children, or were I the school “leadership” there, I would be more than happy to allow LEO’s, especially uniformed LEO’s, to transit my district, facilities, and wherever else they feel a need to be. No better deterrence to the next Columbine wannabe shooter than the random presence of uniformed LEO’s. And, in the case of this Officer, it cost the school district, and the taxpayers, $0. Nothing. Zip. Nada.  What better parent to have patronizing your school than a uniformed LEO?  Sounds like to me some of the urban crowd from either California or the East Coast bringing in their anti-gun, anti-LEO ways with them...

Ah; I believe the pattern is full on this one, flyby denied! I call Bowlshlavic!

This is the phenomenon we see at Denny's, TGI Fridays, Buffalo Wild Wings ect.

People HATE cops, until the require one! I have seen the fine outstanding citizens dropping off the Jr. goblins at public school, in the matching gang uniform of the day! You Know the type...5X Raiders shirt (or the alternate Dodgers in the summer) the size 54 dickies pants, when the wearer's true waist size is a 34. Getting out of an SUV which has a stereo system that cost more then vehicle, repleat with $4,000.00 worth or rims and tires. You get my point. And for you college educated gentle readers screaming PROFILING! Shut up! If it has feathers, webbed feet and quacks.........

These are the type of parents, ha...nee tax payers.... that typically complain about the Pooouuuleeece at a school or establishment.

Just say'in

Additionally, I don't do it because it could single out my child for attack by the Jr. pledge goblins!

Please, please be careful out there!



Just the opposite!!!  My duty station is less than 1 mile from my kids' parochial middle/high school.  I'm there quite frequently in uniform, either dropping them off, picking them up, or watching some assembly/concert/ceremony if it slots into my meal recess.    I'm always greeted with friendly smiles from staff and student, and I've even gotten a few "thank you for your service" greetings from some students.  I'm not alone in uniform...there are a few additional dads who work for various other state agencies who always seem to be there in uniform along with me!

Andrew Thats AWESOME! I am so pleased to hear this!

My child goes to public school in Southern California.

BTW/ This is the region where officer's have been asked not to dine in uniform, at some National chain resturants because customers had reported feeling uncomfortable.

Sometimes I just can’t fathom the absurd logic some people exercise in their minds.  Someone is seriously scared that an armed officer in full uniform dropped his daughter off at school.  Would they still be hesitant to the officers presence there if there were an active shooter at the school.?


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