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Shift Training: From Officer Ambush to Active Shooter AAR LVMP


June 8, 2014, about 11 a.m., Las Vegas Metro police officers Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck while having lunch were approached by two people – a man and a woman who walked up to them and shot the two officers, killing them. 

(Image LMVPD)

 The armed couple then entered a Walmart store firing shot into the air; a citizen who was carrying a legally concealed weapon, tried to intervene but was ambushed and killed by the female counterpart. The couple was eventually killed.

See the video HERE. 

Things to Remember:

  • The time and day of the week does not matter, it can and will happen when you least expect it.  BE PREPARED, ALWAYS!
  • Know the local businesses in the area that you are assigned to—Here, personal knowledge of the area helped to bring it to an end. 
  • Deploy with your patrol rifle or with a your shotgun—These tools help to reach out and to stop threats from a distance.
  • Never let your guard down—be alert, be ready; the threat does not only exist at the location of an offense
  • Remember Active Duty Principles and training—Are you solo or with a partner? Does the situation require you to go at it alone or with a team? Is there active killing (IDOL Immediate Defense of Life) or has the call transitioned from active shooter into a barricaded situation or a hostage situation and if so, how do your priorities change
  • It will be stressful, you our your team members will get an adrenaline dump, you may experience, tunnel vision, audio exclusion, or begin breathing heavily—Remember your self-calming techniques—tactical breathing, reassuring others, knowing that this is a normal reaction to this type of stress, and that you can and will overcome these stressors.
  • Take advantage of the technology available to you.
  • Ok, you have stopped the threat, what is next, what are your priorities—Triage, casualty collection points, getting aid to the victims, crime scene preservation



Stay alert, stay alive and be the one that brings the others back……..


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