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How do you feel about senior volunteers in police departments?

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I have been a police volunteer for over 13 years. I have served with two police departments. I have receceived police volunteer training from agencies and departments across the state. I currently serve as the Captain of Volunteers In Police Service for the Bear Valley Police Department. Volunteers can be a tremendous asset to any department, I say, can be only if they are trained properly and given direction by sworn officers and given the proper equiptment to perform the type of duties that should be assigned to volunteers. 

I am a retired Police Offiecer and now a senior. I would love to have a chance to volunteer and I am sure that a Department would be gld to have someone who knows the ropes so to speak and has years of experience to offer. Seniors as a group are like anyone else looking for something to do and have a lot of life experience to bring to the profession. Working under guidance and with  the right equipment is a plus for any Department.



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