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Texas Officer attacked by monkey on traffic stop (click link to see video)

Ok, so the video probably provided you with a laugh, which we can all use, and it also gives new meaning to “the trunk monkey”;  it does however, highlight and serve as a reminder of the dangers of not visually clearing the entire cabin of a vehicle on your approach.  Here in Texas and because of the heat, we love our double cabs, and tinted windows.  But double cabs, four door cars, and SUV’s, especially with tinted windows create a hazard to you on vehicle approaches.  Apart from the obvious suspect with a weapon, as the video shows, there are animal hazards that can also harm you. 

  • Remain Alert
  • Don’t get so caught up on issuing a citation that you forget about safety.
  • You have three traffic stop options:
  1. Officer approach
  2. Bring the driver back to you
  3. The Felony Stop
  • It is your call, your stop and the situation will dictate which traffic stop approach you will use.
  • If you are going to do an officer approach, consider checking the back seats by opening the doors on your initial approach.  It works great and as it is not common surprises the occupants.  Be prepared to act and to not be surprised by what you may face when you do so. Be able to articulate why you do this.  In this video, it is clear that the vehicle is a double cab with dark tint and that had the back seat area been cleared on approach it may have prevented the monkey attack. 
  • If you see an animal in the vehicle, do not reach into the vehicle . 


Stay safe, stay alert, stay alive..........beware the trunk monkey!



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