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On July 27, the producers of "Detroit 1-8-7" met with the Detroit City Council to discuss the premiere of the new police drama centered on Detroit's crime fight.

The city council earlier expressed concern that the show would portray the city in a negative fashion. This is the latest in a series of law enforcement and television news reports that have shown the many implications having cameras following you can have.

Earlier this month Detroit's former police chief, Warren Evans, resigned in the wake of a conflict about a reality show following Detroit officers. Among Mayor Bing's reasons for Evan's leaving was the fact that Bing was unaware of the filming.

Given the notion that law enforcement dramas, true or fictional, are probably the most widely viewed among other public safety shows, has the induction of 'reality TV' begun to hurt the relationship between officers and city officials?

Is it possible that a show can be produced that could factually portray law enforcement duties and not malign a city's reputation? Or was that reputation damaged by crime figures long before a camera crew arrived?

After all, we've come a long way from the days of Dragnet and Adam-12.

Or have we?

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Detroit 187 was a great show that was cancelled way to early. Can TV/movies help LE and CJ, absolutely! Many do. Mostly TV in my view, though movies can and do. 

I think we dismiss them wrongly. 


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