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Radar vs. lidar—which would you choose if you had to pick one?

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I depends on the type of enforcement I am doing. For general patrol with quick and ease of use, I like radar. If I am doing specialized enforcement where numbers count, I prefer lidar.

I can only WISH that we had this decision here in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, our PA representatives can't bring themselves to allow Municipal police to use technology which the PA State Police have used since the 1970's.  Totally insane, especially given the fact that Municipal police in EVERY OTHER STATE have been using this technology for years.  It's disgusting what they make us use to run speed - stop watches, painted lines on the road, and VASCAR (basically works very similar to a stop watch with a toggle switch instead of a push button).

Wow, that's definitely old school!

Lidar any day of the week because it is target specific.  There is no question about what vehicle is being investigated.

I agree with Wayne it depends on what type of enforcement I am doing, additionally I have had difficulty using the Lidar on my Motor.

Just curious, what difficulties have you had using Lidar on the Motor?  I worked Motors for years with no problem.  We have had our install shop use a couple different configurations on Lidar mounts.

It depends.  If I'm enforcing during heavier traffic times, then Lidar.  On midnight shift, when traffic is low, then moving or stationary radar is preferred, since I don't have to look through a reticule and lose me peripheral vision.  Plus, I can use radar while moving and don't have to sit stationary.  Plus, my radar is usually not affected by fog as bad as lidar is.  They both have their ups and downs.

As an instructor for both types of units here in NC, I agree with Leonard and Geoffrey. Both have their ups and downs depending on the type of location and conditions. I will say that our motor guys like the cage mounts for their LIDAR's and tend to use the LIDAR a lot.


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