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If you're on duty on Thanksgiving, will you still be able to have dinner with your family? If not, where and with whom will you be eating?

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 In 1988 my squad was working a 4x12 on Thanksgiving in the 73 Pct. Feeling rather down about this,I went home and after my shift on Thanksgiving eve, and asked my wife if she could whip up a meal for the squad. The next day Idrove in with a ham and all the trimmings(No turkeys left). After an hour heating it all up , we all snuck in for diner. Of course 20 minutes later, a family assault call involving an off duty correction officer came over the squaker and everybody ran, leaving food all over. By the end of the shift, everybody was able to swing by and grab a plate, including the duty captain!

 well thanks for the jog down memory lane!   

I am on Duty Double time and a half ,  Our LT provides a spread from Boston Market for us , Nice Tradition  off at 1800 then Dinner #2!!!!!

Going to have dinner with our friends at the firestation. The TV may happen to be on a little football. SHHH, don't tell Sarge where we are!

 The first time I went to the firehouse for diner while doing a footpost, the fire captain told me to take my duty jacket off and hang it out the back door. I gave him a gratutitus "WTF" look, when he told me thatv when he was on the job, the "shoo fly" would pull up, call him over and put his bare hand on his shield. If it was hot, you got caught, if cold you were on post. I thanked him put my jacket outside had a great meal. then when scratched by my sergeant, he felt my shield, smiled and said either you were really on post or got advise from an oldtimer. I never gave up were I learned it.


I worked on Thanksgiving. I also worked on Thanksgiving eve. On Wed we got fed by our local supermarket. Full spread. 

On Thursday a local lawyer fed us. He does every year. Another full spread. 

It's worth working Thanksgiving for me. A man who owns nearly ever gas station in town pulls together a MASSIVE food drive. In our county we delivered right at 3,000 Thanksgiving meals to those who couldn't make one or get out for lunch. The PD I work at delivered about 600 inside the city limits. 

We get those leftovers too. So basically eat with my second family. 

I worked, went in at 1700 hours.  My family had dinner at 1330, and I was able to get seconds later.  We all do our best to make sure everyone gets to eat with family that day.


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