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Looking to see who carries off duty on a regular basis; what they carry and the reasons for what they do carry. Lets try to avoid the debate that .45 is king of all calibers and look at the practical side of things.

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 I personally love the 357 mg with jhp bullet. I do carry a 45 auto, in one vehicle, and a 380 auto in another vehicle. I carried a 357 mg my whole career, and I personally  know how  good it is in a fire fight. When I stared auto's were few and far between.

Smith and Wesson Sigma SW380. Small enough to fit in uniform pant front pocket. Elbeco is the company that manufactures the pants and the pockets are roomy enough. I use a pocket holster that fits the weapon and sticks to the interior of the pocket when I draw the weapon. Loaded with old Winchester "Black Talon" ammo and new Winchester Ranger. Sad to say that the gun was stolen in a burglary of my personal vehicle recently. 


  1. I'm looking for a replacement. 1st choice: another SW380 since I still have two (2) clips for it, hopefully I can find a replacement since that model has been discontinued, 
  2. 2nd choice: Taurus 85 .38 special 5-shot revolver that I already have.
  3. 3rd choice; purchase a new compact Smith and Wesson .40 Military and Police subcompact to complement my recent purchase of a Smith and Wesson 5" Pro Series .40 Military and Police that I carry as a duty weapon,
  4. 4th choice: a new Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380.   
  I do love my 380 Beretta with a 13 round clip or 2. It is a sweet shooting weapon, and perfect for off duty. When I was working I used my 357mg with a high rise holster. My arm would rest against the weapon. My right thumb was in my pocket with my hand around my 3 cell mag  flashlight head. My left hand was in my left pocket holding my pepper spray, and I would turn my body with my left side to the perp. I know of several officers that got messed up or lost their weapon, because they would not stay 1 step ahead.
My usual off-duty weapon is a Glock 27, same caliber as my duty weapon (.40).
I carry the new S&W Bodyguard 380..Small and goes right in your back or front pocket.
Depending on clothing, I like my Kimber Ultra CDP II when I have enough to conceal it, usually in a Galco Avenger holster.
Summertime with shorts and tank tops and the like, I carry my Ruger LCP with Hornady Critical Defense ammo in an Uncle Mike's sidekick IWB holster I've glued a nylon mag holder onto.
Retired now, so everything I own is "off-duty", but seriously, I still carry, and generally have a 9mm Kel-Tec P-11 at my disposal.  I had this same piece as my personal, on-duty, plainclothes weapon for several years (actually, I have had 4 of them--seems someone was always willing to buy my well-used ones for enough money for me to buy a NEW one!).  These pistols are simple, DAO, lightweight, compact and all the other adjectives for concealed carry pistols.  Plus, for the size of many larger .380s, you've got a weapon that will fire almost any possible 9mm load imaginable.  It just so happens that my "department furnished" pistol was a 6904 S&W, and the Smith magazines will work in the Kel-Tec!  After I turned in that 6904, I still had an extra Smith and Wesson, a 6906 version, same magazines.  Each of these pistols have, at one time or another, been "duty qualified", and are very accurate, albeit compact, weapons.  The Kel-Tec line has become a favorite in all the calibers available, and the .380 and .32 caliber "pocket pistols" are especially sought after, and in short supply at most outlets.  After all this, let me say that carrying an off-duty, or back-up, pistol is a very personal decision, and one that each officer needs to evaluate for his own situation, physical stature, etc.  I used to find that a 5-shot .38 cal. revolver suited my needs, and it wasn't until there were several double-action, no safety semi-automatics that were reliable, that I even considered anything else, simply because the .38 s were so easy to use, and were limited only by there small capacity.
What I carry depends on several things. What am I wearing? Where can I best conceal what I am going to carry? Am I going to be able to access it quickly when I need it? One choice is my S&W model 642. My other choice is my Walther PPK. I carry two speed strips or a speed loader with the S&W. I carry a spare magazine for the Walther. I carry the Walther when I need a flat gun. I carry a spare magazine for the Walther. I do not leave home without a firearm. I carry other items as well, like a small Streamlight LED flashlight, a Micro-Tec knife, and Tuff-Tie restraints. There are those select occassions when I carry my duty weapon when off duty. It is a S&W M&P 9mm. I have a philosophy that I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
On duty I carry  a Beretta 92 Centurion and off duty I carry my Astra Model 100 9mm. It is smaller and more compact.  Most of the time I carry in a fanny pack. In the winter months I carry on my normal carry side without a fanny pack. I also carry extra mag and cuffs.
My off duty weapon is a Glock 27, carried either in one of three holsters: ankle, pocket, or IWB.
I carry my Glock 27 as this is also my standard back up weapon. Easy enough to conceal in all weather and I carry a high capacity mag since they are interchangeable. It also provides me with the ability to use fellow officers mags in the event something happens in my town as we all carry .40 cal's.

Glock 30 is my main off duty carry.  I always carry an extra Glock 21 clip on my person when I do though. Always carry a S&W Airweight on my ankle when I am wearing pants.   Although I do sometimes carry a Bersa Thunder 380 but usually only when I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt.   

Never know what might happen.  Better to be prepared than not.


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