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Hello All,

I'm a former detective with the Phoenix Police Department. I began a freelance writing career several years prior to retirement. I've been doing interviews and other work for some time now and spent the last three years working on a book project for another officer. I'm  beginning  work on a new project and I want to take it to the national level.

All of us have a wealth of interesting stories after years of police work. My book is a compilation of all those "war stories" that we are always asked to tell at parties to our civilian friends and in the locker room with our buddies.

I'm looking for more of those stories from officers, deputies, bosses and anyone else in law enforcement across the country. It doesn't matter what the content is-funny, tragic, gross, whatever... If you want credit for the story in the book, I will do that. If you need to change the names to protect the guilty, that's fine too. Please feel free to send as many submissions as you like.

How many times have you heard "Wow, that's a great story"? Let's get it in print! Contact me at or

Thanks, and be safe,


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