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Lt. Joseph Szczerba, 1967-2011 - New Castle County Police, Delaware 


Lt. Szczerba was fatally stabbed on September 16, 2011 as he apprehended a suspect.  He was awareded the Medal of Honor, posthumously promoted to Lieutenant, and was buried today.   

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Farewell Lt.Szczerba, Allthough I never met you, Your memory will be with me always, whenever I approach,or see a Shi*bag with a knife, it will spark A memory of you in my mind.

Until we meet up there in that cruiser with wings, Please watch over my life, I am not ready to join you Lt.

I have unfinished business here on these streets of hell,And a family to protect and to live with, A Son to raise and adore,,And a wife to hold when the days look dark, I may never know how you lived,but I assure you I will try to keep these streets safe as you once did. God Bless


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