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Back in '09 our department, with the news of the end of the CVPI's, we switched to the Chargers, and I got one of the first three. A buddy in GA told me about the brakes getting switched out by the GSP and sure enough, with less than 2,500 miles I needed brakes all the way around.  The dealership did the job under warranty, this time.  Since then I have an additional 3 sets of brakes put on with the department footing the bill because the dealership said it was a "normal wear" item.  I found out from our Sgt over cruiser maintenance that the size of the pads being put on were not as wide as the rotors and when they wear and you start hearing brake noises the rotors are ruined and thus a complete brake job is needed.  And then the batteries started going bad.  I got my second one before a year was out.  And now the other two '09's have had their front ends rebuilt.   I am wondering what other issues we can expect and if any other agencies have had luck getting the brakes covered by Dodge since I feel it is a design flaw on their part.

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We went with an aftermarket rotors by Jasper that seem to be holding far.  We haven't had any issues with the drive shaft yet.   Like I said, the front end has been replaced on 2 of the '09's and the third has had one side replaced so far.



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