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You are solo on patrol. You stop a vehicle for having plates that belong to a different vehicle. On contact you get a name and social security number.  You return to your vehicle and discover that the name and social security number come back to a dead person.


  • Do you return to ask more questions?
  • Do you call for and wait for back-up?
  • Should you have requested assistance at the initial stop?


A University of Akron Police Officer faced these same circumstances and was forced by the driver to make a split second life or death decision.


Click here to view short video of the officer involved incident.

  • Did you see the weapon?
  • In this situation:
    • Would you move to the same location?
    • Would you take a different position?
    • Would you need a reload?


Click here for an extended view of the entire incident and history to include statements from the family who said that the offender had made comments that he would rather die than go back to jail.    



  • The use of force to include deadly force is governed by the law.
  • In then end you will need to articulate your reason for using force.
  • When you need to use it, use it, do not hesitate.
  • In this case the officer used deadly force until he no longer felt that there was a threat.
  • We are all aware of our bodies response to the stressors that a use of force encounter creates; so don’t forget to breathe, assure that the threat no longer poses a threat to you or others, seek cover or concealment and then make that call for assistance. 


Stay safe, stay alert, stay alive.....

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