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It's been more than 10 years since the devastating day of 9/11. We'd like to honor those fallen by having officers share their stories of where they were and what they were doing on that tragic day.


How has 9/11 affected your life?

What have you learned from that day?

And what's important now-10 years later?

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9-11 made me aware of how fast an unseen threat can attack and how quick the un-wavering devotion from first responders can save its victims.


From 9-11 I have developed a greater love for my country, my profession and the need to be vigilant in preparing for the un-known threat.


It is important to know that we all will face 9-11 experiences in our lives.  We must prepare for them and maintain a watchful eye, have a prepared plan and be mental/spiritually ready to deal with each.


Sgt. Mike Evans Polk County Sheriff's Office, Fl.

In the months that followed the 9/11 attacks, I became worried that our economy would suffer from all of the expense we were bearing as we fought back and protected ourselves. The extra money I made provided me with a nice increase in my retirement fund. It is a pity that police officers have their best economic years when our society is having its worst time. I have now watched two presidents overlook every opportunity to make our nation financially stronger, which is what we must do if we are to survive as either a nation or individuals. Our nation has struggled since 9/11 because we lack leaders who will forsake their own goals and pursue policy that will make us financially capable to withstand the eventual onslaught that will come from our enemies when we are at our weakest point. I suggest that we all read the US Constitution and the Bible. Pray that God will bring us a leader, like Moses, to show us the way. Pray that we will recognize the false idols our enemies will surely tempt us with.
I was writing and recording my first album for release, with a tour to follow, to support a major label pop/country act that later stuck their foot in their mouth and essentially ended their career(thanks, girls). I was literally recording  in the studio when the second plane hit. I was devastated, and convinced that WWlll had started and there was no point continuing. Everything after that would have been nothing more than ego stroking, and while I did do rough sketches of 2 or 3 more songs, they came out as very mournful, instrumental pieces that are very personal to me, even to this day. Nothing got released, and I let my contract option run out.I never looked back.As I was just over the age limit to volunteer and re-enlist, to go and hunt down and personally execute the responsible parties, AS EVERYONE ELSE THAT JOINED THE US ARMED FORCES AT THAT TIME, I learned that I was going to have to find another way to stand my ground, and I did. What's important now?-the complete and total eradication of extreme belief systems that seek to dominate others against their will, regardless of who and where they are. While once a liberal, I now make Dick Cheney look like Barney the Dinosaur. Nuke em' ALL-let God sort them out. We can get our oil in other places, screw 'em.

9/11 has forever changed my life.  My daughter who is a United Ailines Flight Attendent was on maturnity leave on that fateful day  Her regular flight was United 93 which went down in PA.  I get emotional every time I think about it.


John I. Skelton, St. Louis Metro PD (retired)

9/11 has impacted my life far more than I ever imagined it could have.  It taught me to always be in contact with those I love because you never know when they will disappear.  My brother-in-law happened to get off the subway to view the second plane hit the Trade Center.  He was fortunate enough to get out safely, however, being across country my wife and I had to wait for news from him he was okay.  Weeks after the tragedy I inadvertently received an e-mail meant for another person with my name.  The sender has become a close friend of mine and in that friendship I learned of his loss of several law enforcement and fire fighting heroes on that day.  What's important ten years later is we never forget the sacrifices made by innocent victims, first responders and the entire network attached to each and every one of these lives.  Say a prayer for the families who lost loved ones, show support for our country by flying the flag proudly and always keep in contact with friends and loved ones.  God bless, America!


I was having breakfast in the conference room in the homicide office with my unit when our attention was drawn to the television where we observed one of the towers ablaze. Suddenly a flash and the second tower was struck.  That started a chain of events that has forever affected my life.  Later that day it was decided that the Miami Police Department would send a detachment to New York to assist with rescue and recovery.  I remember driving through the night and next day, not knowing what to expect.  For six days we did whatever we could to assist.  I am proud that we were able to do a little bit in this effort.


Kenneth Griffin

Police Lieutenant (Ret.)

City of Miami Police Department

I had judt retire from active duty after 22, I was stil on activity duty during Desert Storm.  What I learned is mad med wil do anything to further their beliefs, even kill inocent children. 10 years later I still perscribe to the same things, arm your self, teach your childred to protect themselves, watch your 6 and always have a backup plan!

How has 9/11 affected my life?

I was working in the office on that date. I had the tv turned to Fox News of course and they were showing the first tower that was on fire. Everyone had gathered in my office and we witnessed the second plane strike the other tower. My oldest son was in boot camp at the time w/ just two weeks to finish. He of course like so many other of our military personnel went overseas. My youngest son later entered into the military also and now they both have had several tours over there. On that date these gutless terrorists not only tried to strike at the heart of this Country, but also attacked the very beliefs that we as a Country were founded on. They have claimed that we are the great satan, but yet they are the ones that murder innocent men, women and children all over the world in the name of their prophet? This Country is one of the Greatest countries in the world. If anyone could have laid claim to World dominance it could have been this Country, but instead we have provided for the needs of the entire world and still continue to do so, even to the detriment of our own Country

Having said all of that, I now look at my problems and see that there are so many that have suffered and continue to suffer. I now try not to take so much for granted. I maintain contact with people more than I used to. I have become more involved in the political aspect of things. I want to make a difference in peoples lives.

What have you learned from that day?

I have learned that there are those that want to take from us that which they hate the most. I say this not just of our enemies in foreign lands, but those, right here in this Country. Those in foreign lands want to take our freedoms away and make us believe what they believe and are determined to do it by unlawful means, if they can't control us, they want to kill us. I believe there are those in this Country that want to take our freedoms away and control us also. I am not saying that they want to kill us, but they definitely want the control. In the past three years, tell me what has been made better? Am I better off now than I was then? What in the near future do I see, that's good for this Country?

What is important now-10 years later?

I want to be ready to do what is necessary to protect those that I have taken an oath to protect. The days of it can't happen here are over. We have no idea how many people that may be in this Country that right now are ready to take the lives of our loved ones and friends. The care-free days when I was a kid are long gone. Always be ready, be prepared and never give up without at fight. God Bless you All.


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