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How are you using the 5 basic tenets to reduce line of duty deaths? What are you doing personally and what is your department doing? We want to hear your examples of how the Below 100 message is being shared in your area.

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The New Jersey State Police is presenting Below 100 to all enlisted members at the 2014 In-Service which commenced November 3rd and will be completed December 12th.  The program has been well received with many positive post class evaluations reflecting the importance of the Below 100 tenents.

SFC Nevin J. Mann #5377

Field Operations Section

Field Training Officer

The California Highway Patrol is a huge Below 100 supporter and is presenting it to departments across the state. 

Jon Mattson

CHP San Diego BOCC #A15308

I sent an email sometime ago and got no repsonse


Can someone from Law Officer, specifically Below 100 please contact me via email


I would like to host a seminar, obtain more info, promote it in our department and the area


Thanks, Jonathan Miles, North Strabane Twp. PD (Pennsylvania)


We'll forward your email on and make sure you get a response.



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