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We are already over budget for fuel this year (8 Chargers, 1 Tahoe with 2 more getting ready to hit the street plus a Durango...wonder why???) so we can only have 4 cruisers on the street per shift.  If we have, say, 7 officers working (I wish!!) then we will have 3 two man cars and one single unit on the street in a city of 22-25,000 that includes the regional shopping hub that draws from about 11 surrounding counties that bumps it up even higher on days and part of second shifts.  Although the obvious officer safety issue of having a two-man unit, it does leave the general public with less coverage.  We are authorized, by city ordinance, for 55 officers, which includes the chief, 3 captains, and 6 sergeants, but are currently about 11 officers shy of that.  But with the "command staff" (Sgt and up) still intact.  Other than changes with the number of supervisors, which I don't see happening anytime soon (although there will be a new mayor next year and several of the candidates have talked about gaining manpower by cutting supervisors), I'm just wondering what, if any, things other agencies have done to ease these problems. 

I know things have been/are tough for those of us in LE and I'm hoping things start getting better before they get sooner for us.  Thanks brothers and sisters!

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