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I saw the infromation here and put one on order.

I think it will be a great gun.

I carry a Glock 30 SF which is a .45acp compact.

I also have a BUG .357 mag on order which is a S & W 340PD.

I enjoy have the best guns. Have most everything that goes bang.

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Seems like a nice weapon, but I think I will be sticking to my Springfield XD-m .40 S&W
Springfield XD45 for me!
Same here, I carry the Springfield XD Tactical in 45acp
XD45 here also, wondering when Springfield will get serious and finally come out with a compact XD45/XD(m)45 though...?!?!?!

After owning a Sig P220 for 10+ years and a Taurus PT92 before that 10+years I can say without a doubt that I will not own another SA/DA pistol; at least not for a duty/back-up weapon. The change in the action from SA to DA has, on more than one occasion, caught me off guard during stress drills at the range. During standard qualifying drills it wasn't a problem. And de-cocking to re-holster... sure it became automatic, but it was a pain in the butt. Dual Slide releases is nice but you should be training gross motor movements. It's the little things like the SA/DA change, slide releases and de-cockers that can get you into trouble when the adrenaline's flowing.

Striker fired gives a pretty decent trigger pull and the grip & trigger safeties are enough if you use the safety above your shoulders.
Amen, Amen I say...Training, Training, Training! Pick one Model DA and stick with it. I spoke to a deputy today from another jurisdiction today and he said they are down to quals "Once" a year and only shoot 25 rounds!!!!

I'd Like to see a XD45 Compact myself, haven't had any experiece with the XD(m) yet, but if they make it in a 45 I definately will

I have an FNP9, 40 & 45.  Also the same in XD I end up carrying my FNP45 more than any. I was raised with a Model 19 and then the S&W 4506 so I'm used to the SA/DA. Only one that I will never own again is the PX4 storm the rotary bbl mechanism just didn't let me get back on target fast enough. Even more muzzle flip than any .40caliber I've fired


I test fired this handgun at our LAPD Narcotics/Gangs Officers Tactical Range in early 2012.  Although it was an accurate handgun, (7-25 yards) the three 15 round magazines all fired to work properly.  Myself and two other instructors had numerous FTE and stovepipe related malfunctions.  The magazine springs appeared to be partly to blame and fired brass landed about a foot from the weapon. (ejector problems...?)   I had the Winchester 230 gr ball rounds "sticking" in the mags half way up the magazine tube.  I attended the 2012 Shotshow and spoke to the FN representative and was told they are working on "A few issues" and that a new and improved magazine was due out soon.   Make sure to test fire this handgun to ensure the "bugs" are fixed before you strap it onto your hip and make sure the magazines are numbered.  I switched from a Beretta 92F and S&W 4506 years ago and I'm happy to carry my Glock 21 on and off pistol for me......Best of everything to Ya.........     


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