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Do you have a favorite crime- or police-related TV show you watch? Which do you think is the closest and best representation of actual police work?

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First 48.  Additionally, Northwoods Law, Alaska State Troopers, Forensic Files (aka Wicked Attraction??), Sins & Secrets, Cops, I Almost Got Away With It.

Excellent. I wondered if anyone else remembered that awesome, fairly realistic cop

A group of friends and I made a short film about a Doctor who moonlights as a Cop.  It's a comedy called "Coptor."  Thought it might be interesting to you guys!
Check it out!  Let me know what you think and have an awesome day!

The best cop show ever was Hill Street Blues.....and the best crime show and also the best drama of all time was Breaking Bad.

My two favorite are Southland and Blue Bloods and I do like NYPD, even though the storylines only touch a little on police work. The First 48 is a great documentary on detective work.  Manhuter: Fugitive Taskforce on A&E is also good, I have Amazon prime and I waiting for it to come available.

Hill Street Blues was my all time favorite. Current TV shows aren't that realistic, IMO.
The Wire is my all time favorite. It shows everything about police work comraderie and teamwork to backstabbing and a%@ kissing. It covered every aspect of the job.

I enjoyed the TV series - "Nichols" starring James Garner.

It was a funny show about a reluctant sheriff that took office in an old west town around the early 1900's.

Unfortunately it had a very short run, only lasting a couple of seasons.

"Car 54" and "Adam 12" were also enjoyable........ 

I seem to be the only one, but I really liked 3rd Watch.

Law and Order and NYPD Blue

So there is this show, and they do like ride-along stuff. They call it COPs   Its like..real and true and stuff.


I kid! I kid!

I base my decision and opinion on: 1-does the show do something to me emotionally, at least a little. And 2- maybe just make me think. That show is Blue Bloods.  Plus, Tom Selleck is just epic in this series. To me, his best acting so far.

For Kick-ass nitty-gritty, its Chicago PD

Mine had to be Hill Street Blues.  It was talked about in my collage courses (Criminal Justice) and in the Academy.


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