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Do you have a favorite crime- or police-related TV show you watch? Which do you think is the closest and best representation of actual police work?

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I watch most of them. I think Southland may be the best portrayal with Blue Bloods a close second.

I love watching most all cop shows like COPS, Southland, Alaska State Troopers, Worlds Wildest Police Videos, Police Women Of Dallas, and others, but I think the closest representation is Southland. I know first hand you can't go patrol all day and not have some cursing or vulgarity thrown at you and just ignore it. I realize most don't show enough of the paperwork that comes with report writing but that is not exciting enough, they know people want to see action.

In all the years I've been waqtching cop shows I always considered "Cagney and Lacy" one of the most realistic.  They performed as good detectives should have and like real life, they weren't involved in weekly gun battles.  As far as today's shows go, I'd have to say "Southland" as it gives me some of that inner tension I used to feel on the street.

I love to watch cop shows and I get a hoot out of some of the things that Hollow Wood (spelled that way intentionally) portrays as realistic. My favorite scene is the cop testing an unknown substance by sticking his finger in it and then putting it in his mouth and telling his partner "yep, it's heroin" or cocaine or whatever. I prefer to watch the British cop shows because they emphasize the nuts and bolts of solving the crime unlike the American version which depends more on big guns, fast car chases, explosions, and naked (or near naked) women. Shows like MidSomer Murders, Poirot, Frost, etc. I have really enjoyed watching "Flashpoint" over the past few weeks.

Has to be SouthLAnd; I hate they took it off the air.

I have two favorites. Currently I enjoy "Bluebloods". My favorite former show was "Life on Mars" the US version. That was the period I was on the job and it was accurate as far as the characters and behaviors were. If you haven't seen it, it ran for one season and it is now available on Netflix DVD. Oh, and Southland was one of the former best as well.

I may be old, but I still go back to "Dragnet" and "Adam 12" with "Hill Street Blues" and Cagney and Lacy" a close second

I agree as well. Believe or not my first patrol assignment and call sign was "1Adam 12" I was grinning as I talked to dispatch....:o)

Funny story... When I was a new Deputy our local HP Trooper was 6 Adam 12,  and I remember on a wreck one day telling dispatch that 1 Adam 12 was on scene. Duh! Hill Street Blues was considered "training" when I was in the Academy.........Long time ago

Yes, We had a Cop Bar with a big Screen TV and a VCR and we would all meet after shift and drink beer and watch "Hill Street Blues". Great times!

yes, i watched those too. 

I'm retired, but my favorite show was "Police Story", from back in the 70's. It covered patrol officers, undercover Narcs, home situations, & just about every assignment of cops. Even the "dirty cops". I was a cop for 27 yrs. I worked patrol, narcotics, Special investigations, intelligence, burglary, & Just about everything that  you can think of. Best thing about that show was that it had Joseph Wambaugh,

Sgt. with LAPD,  as the technical adviser!!


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