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A rising number of law enforcement officers are required to wear body armor after two consecutive years in which police were being killed by gunfire with increasing frequency, a new Justice Department study has found.

Ninety-two percent of officers reported that their agencies now have mandatory body armor policies, up from 59% in a similar 2009 survey.

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Does your agency require you to wear body armor?

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My current Department of about 20 certified officers does not mandate body armor, nor did my former Department of about 40 certified officers.  The main reason (as with all problems in LE) is budget.  If you require it, you must pay for it.

Yes, I always wear my armor.  Over the years I have either paid for it myself or acquired one through grants.

Yes, And I honestly will say to ALL Leo's,,,,WEAR IT !!!

no questions asked !  no B.S. !  wear your Damn vest !! 

There are grants out there to get one, hell even if you cannot afford one, ask other agencies or another LEO about their old vest and if they can donate any to you.. A  used vest ( even if outdated by a few months) is a hell of alot better then No vest at all.. WEAR IT !!!!

Yes, my agency of over 150 requires you to wear your body armor whenever you are working. Not being able to afford it or budgets are not an excuse for not wearing body armor because as others have mentioned there are grants and programs that will give you body armor.


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