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How many of you with take-home units have to pay for your fuel to and from work?

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We are about to start this. Right now the proposal is from the city limits to your home at about .17 cents a mile and if you live inside you don't payanything.

Boah, in Germany we cannot take an Unit to Home. Its forbidden.  You live in Paradise i mean. 16 Years of my Life my Workingtown was 250 Km  ( 155.34325 Miles )far from Home and i must pay all for myself.
I have a take home Motorcycle and a city gas card, very nice!
In my state/region, a take home vehicle is only available if we live within our jurisdiction or approved mileage radius; making vehicle expenses 100% covered by the agency. We also have POV's (personally owned vehicle) options. These vehicles have a set mileage rate for reimbursement.  If we live outside of the approved area our units stay at the agency.


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