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Well I was thinking that Im not the only one out there that sometimes the job seems to stick no matter if your home or not..... What I mean by that is I live in a not so good neighborhood and all of my fellow neighbors know that I am a Police Officer and seem to come to me with there issues. I am a nice person and like to help I have taken people off the streets that I see everyday not only because people tell me but crimes that I witness on my own. Any body else ??????

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If it is a life or death situation, I would call it in, then go to help. Anything less is for the guys on duty to handle. When I first started, one of the old timers that helped me out told me "never (defecate) where you sleep". That has been a great piece of advice.
well like greg told you man if it is life or death situation call it in and then go to help.any thing else you better call the on duty officiers let them deal with the situation.but if its just a normal problem bettwen a family member that dosent nned a police presence it will be nice of every officier to solve the problem bettwen the two individuals even if he is off duty
I talked with the neighbor perk, and said "Hay Man there not complaining about you there saying. Why isn't that cop doing something." I know it's only a temporary fix but the problem has been gone for 15 years.
Thank you for the comments I understand that Its not safe to involve myself with the situations of the neighbor hood. I will try to use the input of you guys some times it does get hard when the local department almost eggs me on in a sense but some of the things that bother me are my neighbors and good friends have there children playing outside and I would get off work and at that same time a friend or neighbor would come to me and point out a someone dealing on the corner they said they called the police and no officer responded the Lt of the district I live in gave me his personal number I called him and he said all the units are tied up rite now so I would have to take action myself I know its not safe but the situation of the crime just aggravates me to no end.
That's a tough one. Hard to believe the perps see you in uniform and still go on about their business, however, if you act, and they know where you live, then you and yours can become targets. How about working a trade with another officer in another area... he helps you and you help him? Or, filming the deals going down so you can pass it along to the gang guys or narco guys?

When I started, there was a house across the street from me that I knew was dealing... cars pulling up late with lights off, engines staying running while someone ran up to the house and exchanged something, stuff like that.

One day, I made a show about getting my uniforms out of the car while the hoods were hanging out in their front yard. They moved out within a month.
Well Once they see me they usually walk away quickly or run and most of the time I am not in uniform when I get off but still have my badge on my ID around my neck and my off duty weapon and cuffs to and from work always. The second problem is there is a night club not two blocks around the corner from my house now they have extra patrols going on but when that club breaks loose so does hell they come down the street Three nights ago me and two of my neighbors that are Bounty hunters heard alot of screaming we run around the corner a black male with a car of his friends waiting he attacks a black female with a box cutter in hand I was able to get him down and my neighbor went to get the police that were around the corner. They hit cars bust widows every once in a while a shooting I never walk out of my front door without my side arm and I do work with the Special Operations Unit they stop by I have there numbers they come and hang out around my house they have kicked in many of doors upon my request it just feels my job never stops and thanks again for the input buddy.
Know exactly what you are talking about. I'm retired now after 25+ yrs. in law enforcement. I always lived right on one of the main streets & everyone could find me easily & I always had a few in the community who thought I was their very own policeman & would not want to talk to any other officer. It got even worse when I was the chief of the department, but what can you do but " Protect & Serve?" I always tried to treat people with respect & listen to their problems even if it was the same people over & over with the same old problems. I always made more friends by treating people this way.
Dont ever change who you are!
I was raised in the projects in downtown Toronto..
I always feel comfortable (though cautious) in my old neighbourhood..i too am a nice person and I help as much as I can.
Obviously ur neighbours trust you..they confide in you.
If its too much..
suggest they to contact the Local Police.. and back em up!
If its too overwhelming..well ur going to have to move :(
Good luck :)
This also applies to those of you with take home squads. Cant advertise better unless you have a billboard on your house saying  "Im the Police".  I agree with Greg on his post. Life or death get involved. Otherwise leave it to your on-duty partners and be a good witness.

Same here Nicholas,Seems like my Phone or door bell is always ringing with people asking me for help or advise, I get kinda frustrated but hold it in and help as much as I can,I was told years ago that your a cop 24/7/365 and that statement cannot be more true.



would you help your neighbors if you werent a police man i would and do its the right thing to do, if more officers stepped up and became leaders maybe things would improve out there police 24/7/365


Thats a good question Michael, Would you help if you were not a LEO,, I think it's a hard question to answer, at least for me, I been in the Police mind of thought for the past 27 yrs. I really dont know how to think anyway else in a prespective way to answer it,meaning when people need or ask for help, I help because thats what i do,not because it's the "right"thing to do,If you understand what I mean,,And it is like it's a built in automatic thing to do to help people when they need help from me. I have friends who are not Leo's but would help anyone anytime on anything, Maybe thats why I am friends with them,There are alot of good people in this world, but it seems like we (Leo's) get to see the not so good ones all to often and have a hard time believing that there are more good then bad.Yes I help my neighbors,not only in the law enforcement area, like fixing a ticket,advise ect.ect.but common task like help with house repairs, fixing vehicles and the like.In todays society,People "not only Leo's" but all people need to step up to the plate and lend that extra hand.


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