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Does anyone know where you can obtain ASP Baton Instructor Certifiation training in Arizona? My group currently uses the Monodonach but we are looking to transition and wanted to look at possibly getting certified as instructors for ASP.

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Haven't seen a training course in Arizona. I had to go to Florida for my cert and will be sending one of my officers to either Henderson, NV or Washington state. The other option is to host a course. I could help see if there would be interest out of the Phoenix area if needed.
The best way to find out about ASP instructor certification courses is to go to their home page at Under the training tab you find a list of the current courses that are being offered.

There will be a course in your area in February

February 23-25, 2010
Clark CO School DIST Police DEPT
Henderson, NV
Contact: Reggie Beatty
(702) 799-7830 EXT 5218
Trainer: Jay Dowke
TSM: Kathy Hall
Distributor: Quartermaster
Baton and Handcuff Training

You can also contact the company directly to check on upcoming classes or to host a instructor certification course through you agency free of charge.

(920) 735-6242
(800) 236-6243
(920) 735-6245
(800) 236-8601

E-Mail Address:

Mailing Address:
Box 1794
Appleton, WI 54912

Shipping Address:
2511 E. Capitol DR
Appleton, WI 54911
The company sent trainers to CT from KY without a blink. I'm sure if you contact ASP they can set you up with an instructor trainer. Ps we have been using the ASP for over 10 years very effectively. The only issues I have with them is the flashlight attachment does not have a rechargeable battery, and the stop shoe in the break away holster is unreliable. The other thing is that due to its lack of mass sometimes motivated bad guys don't even realize they are getting hit for four or five strikes. (personal observation)

I re-certed this year in West Valley, Utah because all the California classes disappeared. Side note: when your an ASP Instructor the ASP certification and training is good for ASP and Monadnock expandable straight batons.



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