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Has anyone located any helpful LE related apps for Android smartphones??? It seems everything is for the iPhone. Thanks..

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U.S. Cop, it's on the Android Market. It costs $2.99.

Check out At-Scene. I don't know if it's available yet or still in production, but if it's not out yet it should be soon.


Epocrates and iPharmacy is a pill identifier app.  Cargo Decoder is a HAZMAT Placard app that allows you to look up the placard and gives you everything the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook.  All of these were free when I got them or had free apps available.  The At-Scene app I still can not find

I'm a little bias.... U.S. Cop app for iPhone/Andriod

I have a Samsung Epic and it just does what it wants. Shuts down, battery doesn't stay charged long (though I do get multiple e-mails). Any thoughts?
time for an iPhone
I have to agree with U.S. Cop... It is a great application!

Check out this new Android/Iphone App called V.I.S. its a vehicle identification system.  It's made for quick vehicle recognition especially for the hundreds of new models out there. It's only 0.99 cents.  You can use it to interview victims too.  It can confirm or rule out suspect vehicles.









Check , the Andriod app is called iCrime Fighter,  its an excellent police tool.  The andriod app launches on 09/19/2011!!!!  iphone app is already out. 



I can only find about 5 Police related Android apps out there.  Does anyone know anymore.  There sure are plenty of light bar simulators and scanners out there though....

I started with an Iphone app and now I've gotten into Android development.  How many other officer/ app creatures are out here? 


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