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Should I go with the Springfield Operator of the Kimber TLE/RL?

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I have carried 1911's for a number of years, but my advice is somewhat 'out of the box'. I suggest either maker makes good guns, but I would put most of my money into training. A good shooter with a mediocre pistol will do better than a mediocre shooter with the finest firearm.
Case in point: I used to shoot with Rob Leatham, multiple IPSC World and National Champion. One day, we required him to shoot a fixed sight Tokerev (Russian) pistol - he still beat all of us. I'm no Rob Leatham, but training and reliable equipment trumps top firearms without good training.
My opinion, worth what you paid for it!
I have carried a Springfield for about 15 years now and love it. It has never let me down, unless I let it get dry. As far as the Kimber, I have shot several of them also and it is a fine gun. I had some work done on my Springfield..... low profile sights, beavertail safety, ambi safety, ramped, ported, different trigger, ejector tuned... and I would put mine up against a Kimber anyday even straight out of the box. Maybe because I have shot several thousand rounds through it, but I think i'll stay with my Springfield. Seth's post about training hits the nail on the head. You can't go wrong getting all the training and doing all the shooting you can afford to do.

Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.... I've heard this before... I think i heard it at Front Sight.
I agree with the training... I used to shoot every week, but with ammo shortage that got hard to do. I also do a lot of dry practicing. That right there pays off a lot! Evrery time you touch your weapon, believe it or not your training. I carry my Sig 226 as my primary duty weapon and my Glock 23 as my back up. I've put a lot of time in with both of them and now it's time to venture into another weapon system, the 1911. I've always been told if its not Colt, Springfield, or a Kimber; than it's an expensive fishing weight. I dunno if that's all true but it's close.

I grew up around Sig's. My dad had a 229 and my brother had a 229 and a 220 and i put a lot of time in with them. I choose the Sig as my primary because it was the first pistol i ever picked up and shot and hit exactly where i was aiming. It also fits well in my hand and feels holding it.

Does anybody know much about the Sig's 1911? Sig makes a good gun, but i haven't heard any reports on their 1911's.
I shot the Kimber and fell in love with the way it handled. Shoot good groups at 15 yards. One day I was at a sporting goods store to buy a 380 to teach my wife how to shoot. When they opened the safe to get my gun a Springfield box fell over inside the safe. I asked the clerk what it was and he told me that it was 1911 GI 45 (price $450) they had just got the day before. I said,” my wife can wait. She doesn’t like to shoot anyways.” and bought the 1911. I have not regretted it since. Shoots as good as a Kimber for half the price.
I am looking to buy my second 1911in the next few months just have not decided on which one. I would like one with accessory rails. The Springfield Operator in about $1100. Sig make a 1911 Blackwater model with everything I am looking for for $840 (officer pricing).
where did you find the Sig Blackwater at???
on their wed site
I have the Kimber CDP II and the fit / finish are excellent! It is and will continue to be great for my needs! Its so much lighter for carry....
In my opinion - no. I think the Kimbers, while looking nice outside, are overpriced for what you actually get and although many of the pistols that Springfield has made for them and they import are decent pistols I had a customer service issue that has soured any and all future dealings I may have had with Springfield.

That said, take a look at the Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson 1911s; I have a Commander sized S&W and a full-sized stainless Sig with rail. Both pistols function flawlessly, feeding ball and JHP ammo with no failures; out of the box accuracy for both, shooting the CBP Qual Course (30 rounds beginning at the 3-1/2 yard line and ending, kneeling, strong side barricade at the 15 yard line) is adequate; I shot a max possible 150 with both pistols during my first outings with both guns.

I carry 2 of my Kimbers on duty. My Desert Warrior and then a TLE/RL II as my back up. I have a few other 1911s but wouldn't trade my Kimbers for anything... Except the first night I carried it I got in a fight and now I have a gash in my slide.... totally worth it though.

I have a SW1911 and love it. Functions flawlessly with roughtly 600 rounds through it at this time. The factory mags are fantastic and feed all ammo well. You can have the full size for about $900.
either one should be good. I currently carry a springer on duty. I had a kimber but for personal reasons didnt like it as much as the springer.

One thing i will say, since this is my first post on here, I have never believed that the 1911 was a gun just for the "experts". The 1911 is an easy gun to master with a little time. I have carried glocks and other guns, and decided on the 1911, the department i used to work for, and the one I work for now both allow them. My chief carries a 1911, as do several other officers ( we are a small department)

one thing I will say, is that springfield has an almost "holy" reputation for customer service, and thats one of the reasons I always recomend them.

I friend just sent me a smith 1911 to try out, Ill let ya know how it goes...



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